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Dear Editor,

I would appreciate it if you publish my response to Tanir's article referenced below.  I attempted many times to post my comments at the HDN site since Friday, in the comments section at the end of Tanir's article, but without success


I believe your readers have a right to know what ATAA thinks about an HDN article that covers ATAA.   



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President-Elect, ATAA   
(address & phones listed)




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After three days, my response is still not posted at HDN and I received no inquiries from HDN asking me to shorten my letter.  Under the circumstances, I deem HDN unresponsive and I post my letter here for public consumption, as I have nothing to hide from anyone, and that includes the members of the AFATH (Armenian Falsifiers and Turk Haters) community.   




Re: "Better or worse days for the ATAA?" , by İLHAN TANIR,  Friday, February 5, 2010 ;   




I  thank Mr. Tanir, HDN reporter based in Washington DC, for taking the time to chat with President Evinch and I over the phone on 3 February  2010.  That’s a first and I appreciate it.  My message was simple and I think he got it:  if Hurriyet Daily News (HDN) wishes to cover Turkish-American issues objectively, then HDN should make an effort to talk to Turkish-Americans first, along with whoever else HDN believes necessary.


The problem with the recent unfortunate HDN coverage (by Enginsoy) arose because that HDN reporter failed to get the input of the Turkish-Americans in a matter closely concerned them.    Had the HDN reporter done so, we, the elected representatives of the Turkish American community, would have filled him in on points, that even Mr. Tanir agrees, the Enginsoy article missed. I am glad to hear that Mr. Tanir will work closely with us in future to avoid such needless failure in communication.  To me, then, this whole unfortunate episode is water under the bridge and we all learned something from it.  Chalk it off to experience.


Having said that, though, I must express my initial reaction to Mr. Tanir's article as slight disappointment as he seems to have missed what I was trying to emphasize during our telephone conversation.  I know he means well so I will not lose any sleep over it, but I would like him to know that I am not against including dissenting points of view in any media, HDN or others.  What I am against is including dissenting points of view  to the exclusion of my point of view, and the views held by others like myself in our community.


I can effortlessly pinpoint to many articles published in HDN that matter to our community--as all facets of the  Turkey-America relations do--and where the ideas and views presented diametrically clash with those widely held in our community.  I cannot, however, point a single article where ATAA views are solicited, urged, or otherwise presented in response (the jury is still out on this letter you are reading now.)     No op-ed, no article, no survey, not anything. .. What is worse is that there had been no  efforts by HDN to do so, not until my letter to HDN editor crossed Mr. Tanir's desk, anyway.   That kind of lopsided coverage at HDN  is what I am against, not publishing of dissenting views there.  Let's please make that clear to one and all.


Perhaps Mr. Tanir would be kind enough to explain what he means by  “…The ATAA, unfortunately, has not had a good reputation among the Turkish community living in America until recently for its internal fights…” Is it not this the kind of sweeping and unsubstantiated generalizations in the unfortunate Enginsoy article in the first place that sparked this incident ?


Just because one group disagreed with another, not an uncommon occurrence within  volunteer organizations, shall we then rubber stamp "bad reputation nationwide" over the name of that organization?  Does Mr Tanir realize that the United States is perhaps the most litigious society on earth  and that if he writes off everyone involved in litigation, he would have no one to report on in America?  Please, let’s not go overboard with such wild generalizations.


Then Mr Tanir notes “… (ATAA) has become mostly a grassroots organization that uses almost all its energy, time and money to fight the Armenian Diaspora’s efforts, especially before and during the April 24 fever every year …” Here is another generalization with which I have problems.  Perhaps if Mr. Tanir gets to know ATAA better, he would feel compelled to correct himself.


First, ATAA was founded as a grassroots organization and performed as such through its volunteers nationwide since day one.


Second,   we are not fighting “Armenian Diaspora’s efforts”; we are battling the defamation of Turkish culture and heritage and the demonization of all things Turkish.  Whoever is engaged in such practices, that is with whom ATAA fights.  It just so happens that mostly Armenian and Greek Diasporas seem to get involved in such malicious practices which is why ATAA had been directing its resources towards those perpetrators.


Where Mr. Tanir  makes probably his gravest mistake is this: “…especially before and during the April 24 fever every year …”  That is a cliché that is no longer true as the Armenian lobby saw to it that the scope and depth of its efforts to denigrate Turkey are widened, deepened, and spread over twelve months of a year.   I can effortlessly provide you with lists of articles, op-eds, books, panels,  meetings, commemorations, services, films, exhibits, and more for each and every month, even week, of the year.  So, please, let’s kindly stay away from obsolete clichés.


Mr. Tanir  comments “… when the American administration announces how it considers and words the tragic events that happened to the Armenians during World War I…”  This is a typical line that shows indifference that I hear people in Turkey often say when I visit Turkey.  Some  have not heard of the Armenian issue; others simply do not understand the gravity of the genocide charges; while most have not read a single book, pro or con, about it.  Some even think “What’s in a word?”  They don’t understand the four-phase Armenian lobby plan (acceptance-apology-reparations-land, in that order) to harm and destabilize Turkey.  They have no clue that if the U.S. Congress accepts the Armenian falsifications as genocide, incessant malicious Armenian attacks do not stop there, on the contrary, the flood gates open.


Whereas there are no countries in Asia or Africa,  only three in the entire Americas, and about fifteen out of a possible total of fifty five in Europe, bringing the total number of countries recognizing the bogus Armenian genocide to 20, or 10% of the world, all because of intense political pressure from the Armenian lobby, things may change rapidly after an US recognition.


Whereas all those partisan books and films, biased museums and memorials, malicious propaganda and agitation, violent demonstrations and flag burnings, all those bloody bombings, assassinations, and terrorist acts, topped by persistent lobbying, and much more, over almost a century, got Armenians only 10% of the world !  Not much to write home about, would you agree?


After a US recognition, that number can rise to 80-90% of the United Nations within a few short years.  That is how important US President’s approval of genocide is, which, ironically, would make a mockery of the U.S. Congress records because of the following documents--among many others—which clearly refute the Armenian claims of genocide:


a- “American Military Mission to Armenia” (General Harbord) Report 1920 and the Annex Report Nat. Archives 184.021/175 – which  does not mention any “race extermination” but, on the contrary, refers to “…refinements of cruelty by Armenians to Muslims…”


b-  Joint U.S. CONGRESS RESOLUTION NO. 192, APRIL 22, 1922 relative to the activities of Near East Relief ending 31 December 1921 which  has unanimously resolved that a total of 1,414,000 Armenians were alive (which makes killing of 1.5 million Armenians an impossibility and a fallacy, since the total Armenian population was around 1.5 million at the time.)


c- George Montgomery, a member of the U.S. delegation at the Paris Conference, had presented a detailed tabulation in 1919,  showing a total of 1,104,000 Armenians alive,  apart from those who had already immigrated to other countries.


d- 29 March 1919 report of the Paris Conference subcommittee on atrocities, chaired by the U.S. secretary of State Lansing,  lists Armenian losses as “…more than 200,000…”  Even this number is exaggerated as they got their information from the Armenian church, not exactly an impartial source.  The Turkish Historical Society documented the deaths of 53,000 Armenians using Ottoman police reports field on site, of which number only about 8,400 are reported as victims of massacres.  The paragraphs a, b, and c jointly point to the THS number being closer to reality.


Who, then  may have jacked this number of Armenian casualties from the original 54,000, first to 200,000 in March 1919, then to 600,000 in May 1919 (in a poster created by Armenians soliciting aid ), and finally  to the current 1.5 million?  Who are these reckless liars and shameless falsifiers?


Take a guess!


Going back to Mr. Tanir's article, he asserts  “…being tied to (genocide) struggle only, in addition to the never-ending internal fights – until recently …”  Another  unfounded generalization that totally ignores ATAA’s many excellent programs (please see www.ataa.org ) and uses an unfairly broad brush to paint the only litigation in ATAA’s history of 31 years  as “never-ending” infighting.


Mr. Tanir states   “…narrow-minded and reactionary organization that turned me, along with many others, off over the years…”  So a single litigation in 31 years turned him off of ATAA?


Selfless struggle by Turkish-American volunteers against defamation of Turkish heritage by incessant, hate-cultivating, well-financed Armenian lobby turned him, along with other  journalists, off?  If Mr. Tanir read a book by another Turkish journalist--who shall remain nameless for now and whose book I have read last year--about the state of Turkish journalists in America,  he would probably guess who is more turned off by who.  I will abstain from giving examples at this time unless I am compelled.  Therefore, please, let’s not try to white wash ineptness of some journalists by what ATAA did or didn’t do.


Mr. Tanir  claims  “… I was saddened at hearing a point of view that usually would not be expected from a person who will assume an important position representing the Turkish community in America…”  This point of view, as you wrongly stated in your article, was not being against publishing dissenting views but it was publishing it at the expense of my views.  Journalistic ethics and objectivity require that “Both sides” of an issue be provided to unsuspecting ontainerb"ding


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      http://www.tc-aTurkis.org/schol-t/index.htmlitaa.org/" blank">.&nb using financed Tr srdyiaduonlig http://www.tinanced-to-gubadebgte.tin/itaa.org/" blank"rfinanced Gto-guba Debgteiaduonlig http://www.khojalytorg.az/itaa.org/" blank"rKhojaly M">http://edwardtashji.tisp fe.tin/itaa.org/" blank"rEdward Tashjiiaduonlig http://www.golbanhorn-roaa.y.tin/ercu/ERCU_FLASH_eng.htmlitaa.org/" blank">.tatey Prelnti fantDocu /h1>a> /h1a> /h1a> /h1fo-term"a> /h1fo-terdth="12"> th="12">
      Lgteit Hweclimo Nepeiakovali h3idth="12">
      Int': 'Fx.Trf Stica .Exor.gramIn'a 'head_l-sumt': 1a 'head_fawr': 3a 'lt AT_l-sumts_amo ot': na 'lt AT_amo ot': n }moy --> --> >>>>>>>>> --> >>>>>>>>> >> --> /"weclimonhead/46-kpt bakhnce Plict/21232tn fo-saysnce cr/ned-dtr/-possible-miliaa.y-esse demos="-kpt bakh" Dec 09, the6 / /"weclimonhead/46-kpt bakhnce Plictitaa.org/" s li"rKpt bakh Ce PlictDocu /h1> --> /"weclimonhead/50-worldnhead/21231-azerbaijp; s-t/16611-fms-mull-kpt bakhnce Plicts="-hamburg" Dec 09, the6 / /"weclimonhead/50-worldnheaditaa.org/" s li"rWorldDocu /h1> --> /"weclimonhead/46-kpt bakhnce Plict/21230-russ611-nat--t/1719n-fms-discussrnagorno-kpt bakhnce Plictssettlitory" Dec 09, the6 / /"weclimonhead/46-kpt bakhnce Plictitaa.org/" s li"rKpt bakh Ce PlictDocu /h1> a> /h1> --> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>> --> /"weclimonhead/21229-ombudr trsmos=rmen-dirazerbaijp; s-held-host sr-by--t/1719-issd0---toda" Dec 09, the6 / /"weclimonheaditaa.org/" s li"rHweclimo Nepeiacu /h1> --> /"weclimonhead/46-kpt bakhnce Plict/21228-osce-workyngsd0-system-dirinvesicn fant-r-eo-r-gubarag-="-kpt bakh" Dec 09, the6 / /"weclimonhead/46-kpt bakhnce Plictitaa.org/" s li"rKpt bakh Ce Plictiacu /h1> --> /"weclimonhead/46-kpt bakhnce Plict/21227-lavrov-viennonst-pettrsburg---reitoryssd0-kpt bakhnce Plict-should-be-/historyednLa Dec 09, the6 / /"weclimonhead/46-kpt bakhnce Plictitaa.org/" s li"rKpt bakh Ce Plictiacu /h1> a> /h1> --> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>> --> /"weclimonhead/46-kpt bakhnce Plict/21226razerbaijp;-urges-osce-mgerc-ensute--t/1719-s-pantnsip demos="-kpt bakh-talkenLa Dec 09, the6 / /"weclimonhead/46-kpt bakhnce Plictitaa.org/" s li"rKpt bakh Ce Plictiacu /h1> --> /"weclimonhead/21224stp; The-fm-osce-should-help-relolve-froze1-ilnPlictenLa Dec 08, the6 / /"weclimonheaditaa.org/" s li"rHweclimo Nepeiacu /h1> --> /"weclimonhead/21223--t/1719n-catholic-chu="cns-desiroy i-by-pkk-endrorTAAg-="-souwheasternstp; ey5rc-be-relAednLa Dec 08, the6 / /"weclimonheaditaa.org/" s li"rHweclimo Nepeiacu
        http://www."TAA’oftruth.tin"cgteg’-vubao/"rVubao/Docuhttp://www."TAA’oftruth.tin"index.php?opdemo=tin_jmap&" sp=s temap">S temapDocuhttp://www."TAA’oftruth.tin"autho"f">Autho"fDocuhttp://www."TAA’oftruth.tin""weclimonheadirHweclimo Nepeiacuhttp://www."TAA’oftruth.tin""ow-days-t/1719ntards--camys-bouwt>How eptg-t/1719n ards- camy -bouw?iacuhttp://www."TAA’oftruth.tin"westerns tncepdemo5rcwards-daysards-t>Western tncepdemo rcwards eptgards-iacuhttp://www."TAA’oftruth.tin""TAA’"ebooks">LibraryDocu /h1>a> /h1a> /h1a> /h1a-->
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            http://www.kpt bakh.orgnLaa.org/" blank"rKpt bakh Ce Plictiacuhttp://www.azer.tin"aiweb"cgtegage/kpt bakh/kpt bakh_index.htmlitaa.org/" blank">fzerbaijp; Intern fantaliacuhttp://kpt bakh.co.uk/itaa.org/" blank"rKpt bakh – HTAAy &amll Factdiacuhttp://www.theo usi9ns.org/englThe/chronolog"index.aspitaa.org/" blank"rChronologene using "TAA’iacuhttp://www.kucukcoba".8m.tin"YAZILAR/tp; T_amurkis.htmlitaa.org/" blank">f HTAAy ne statsiitd Turkisiacuhttp://usiytp; ey.tin"littli_known_r-oods.htmitaa.org/" blank">Littli Known Factd Abouw stateyiaduonlig
          /h1>a> /h1a> /h1a> /h1> a> /h1> dth="12"> th="12">
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          Int': 'Fx.Trf Stica .Exor.gramIn'a 'head_l-sumt': 1a 'head_fawr': 3a 'lt AT_l-sumts_amo ot': na 'lt AT_amo ot': n }moy --> --> >>>>>>>>> --> >>>>>>>>> >> --> /"weclimonhead/110-lgteit/1915-no-r tech-goes-d0--bouw-any-news="ticato essd0-kpt bakhnce Plict-settlitory" Jng 24, th09 / /"weclimonhead/110-lgteititaa.org/" s li"rLgteitiaduonat

          /h1> --> /"weclimonhead/110-lgteit/3083--t/1719ns-ma>Jug 22, th09 / /"weclimonhead/110-lgteititaa.org/" s li"rLgteitiaduonat

          /h1> --> /"weclimonhead/110-lgteit/6598-playyngsbramballsd0-days"cnssboard-thouhavs--bouw--to-guba" Apr 21, the0 / /"weclimonhead/110-lgteititaa.org/" s li"rLgteitiaduonat

          /h1> a> /h1> --> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>> --> /"weclimonhead/110-lgteit/5767-why-house-relolufant-252-should-be-sthonuously-opposednLa Feb 26, the0 / /"weclimonhead/110-lgteititaa.org/" s li"rLgteitiaduonat

          /h1> --> /"weclimonhead/110-lgteit/9783-mammadyarov-azerbaijp;-is-ready5rc-saa.-worksd0-peace-tho t-dn-settlitory-dirkpt bakhnce PlictnLa Jul 13, the1 / /"weclimonhead/110-lgteititaa.org/" s li"rLgteitiaduonat

          /h1> --> /"weclimonhead/110-lgteit/6019stp; The-n fante -team-cancels-fagndly-gamysinnus-dtr/-q-t/1719nt-to-gubaq-relolufant-rowu Ma. 12, the0 / /"weclimonhead/110-lgteititaa.org/" s li"rLgteitiaduonat

          /h1> a> /h1> --> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>> --> /"weclimonhead/110-lgteit/6877-monstoryian-sdaysvictnbs-dirkhojalyt-to-guba5rc-be-erecAed-innusakstp; eyu May 08, the0 / /"weclimonhead/110-lgteititaa.org/" s li"rLgteitiaduonat

          /h1> --> /"weclimonhead/110-lgteit/7902-qthis-is-nor-daysfirsw-and-bigsrct-crime-by--t/1719nt-angsterg-="-us-henerhnc-te-systemq-u Oct 18, the0 / /"weclimonhead/110-lgteititaa.org/" s li"rLgteitiaduonat

          /h1> --> /"weclimonhead/110-lgteit/8329stp; The-organiz fant-proteitsrkptdash19nu Dec 14, the0 / /"weclimonhead/110-lgteititaa.org/" s li"rLgteitiaduonat

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            http://www."TAA’oftruth.tin"book-re" spe">BookgRe" speDocu http://www."TAA’oftruth.tin"what-is-days-t/1719ntproblit"rWhat is eptgAt/1719n Problit?iacuhttp://www."TAA’oftruth.tin"de12"r fant-made-by--Turkisn-academic19ns-may-19s1985"> Turkisn Academic19ns' De12"r fant (May 19, 1985)iacuhttp://www."TAA’oftruth.tin""TAA’"r-end" spe"rI-end" speiacuhttp://www."TAA’oftruth.tin"tp;cos-t/1719ntrel fants"rTtaco -gAt/1719n Rel fantsiacuhttp://www."TAA’oftruth.tin"tp; The-diplomatsrki med-by--t/1719nttndrorTAAg"rTtatThe diplomats ki med cha-t/1719n tndrorTAAgiacu /h1>a> /h1a> /h1a> /h1a-->
            Crimes Againit Humanityiakovali h3idth="12">
              http://www.iccnow.org/it12">http://www.icj-cij.org/it12">http://www.un.org/ictr/itaa.org/" blank""12">http://www.ictytorg/itaa.org/" blank""12">http://www.et/171sorunu.-to.tr/itaa.org/" blank""12"> /h1>a> /h1a> /h1a> /h1a-->
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                http://tp; ey-Turkisblogtblogspot.tin"itaa.org/" blank"rTtatThe Coaltica tne Turkis Blogiacuhttp://rene-to-gubatblogcu.tin"itaa.org/" blank"rRene Gto-guba Blogiacuhttp://barbarostblogertp; tblogspot.tin"2008/12/-to-guba5of-truth.htmlitaa.org/" blank">Entr/ Pash9’s Blogiacuhttp://azeri-to-gubatwordpress.tin"itaa.org/" blank"rfzeri Gto-gubaiacu /h1>a> /h1a> /h1a> /h1> a> /h1> dth="12"> th="12">
                Lgteit S toial Nepeiakovali h3idth="12">
                Int': 'Fx.Trf Stica .Exor.gramIn'a 'head_l-sumt': 1a 'head_fawr': 3a 'lt AT_l-sumts_amo ot': na 'lt AT_amo ot': n }moy --> --> >>>>>>>>> --> >>>>>>>>> >> --> /cgteg’-r toial-head/21225-days-t/1719ntlobby-s-donuoustrel fants-with-presibara-elect-trumpu Dec 08, the6 / /cgteg’-r toial-headitaa.org/" s li"rS toial Nepeiaduonat

                /h1> --> /cgteg’-r toial-head/21216-ex tnt-is-isn-attackstp; The-diplomatsrnbsp-like-asala-didu Dec 07, the6 / /cgteg’-r toial-headitaa.org/" s li"rS toial Nepeiaduonat

                /h1> --> /cgteg’-r toial-head/21204-us-azerbaijp;-tp; eytrel fants-de tloptory5of-ce stru to e-ceo tn fantu Dec 05, the6 / /cgteg’-r toial-headitaa.org/" s li"rS toial Nepeiaduonat

                /h1> a> /h1> --> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>> --> /cgteg’-r toial-head/21197s-t/1719nsnce tribufants-to-daysprocels5of-taysforh demo-dira-hea-life-and-ltitn fute-i0-days19rhncoryu-2u Dec 04, the6 / /cgteg’-r toial-headitaa.org/" s li"rS toial Nepeiaduonat

                /h1> --> /cgteg’-r toial-head/21191-presibara-ilham-aliyev-viewstrepai.-workg-="-houses-das="ld-by--t/1719ntshelling-duryng-april-battli-="-aghdasu Dec 03, the6 / /cgteg’-r toial-headitaa.org/" s li"rS toial Nepeiaduonat

                /h1> --> /cgteg’-r toial-head/21187s-vim-ipis-ex tnt-le tl-roundtable-meetyng-held-="-ankpt u Dec 02, the6 / /cgteg’-r toial-headitaa.org/" s li"rS toial Nepeiaduonat

                /h1> a> /h1> --> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>> --> /cgteg’-r toial-head/21178-warlicksex laini-reasnts-an-squittyng-minik-groupu Nov 30, the6 / /cgteg’-r toial-headitaa.org/" s li"rS toial Nepeiaduonat

                /h1> --> /cgteg’-r toial-head/21174-taner-akcam-as-aspropagandssprojectnLa Nov 29, the6 / /cgteg’-r toial-headitaa.org/" s li"rS toial Nepeiaduonat

                /h1> --> /cgteg’-r toial-head/21168-gregter--t/1719-from-sea5rc-sea5dirlienLa Nov 28, the6 / /cgteg’-r toial-headitaa.org/" s li"rS toial Nepeiaduonat

                /h1> a> /h1> a> /h1>> a> /h1> a> /h1> > > a> /h1>a> /h1a> /h1a> /h1a-->
                  /"weclimonhead/110-lgteit">Nepeiaduonlig ="TAA’"relources">Linkeiaduonlig =thouhavs"rTiouhavsiaduonlig =antnsles">Antnslesiaduonlig =an/1719ntazerbaijp;-ce Plictnrft/1719n-fzerbaijp; Ce Plictiacu="TAA’"/historys">Dhistorysiaduonlig https://www.paypal.tin"us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&amllSESSION=O6BpX6RTeXt94_F6wxIiJBg1I2pmZncT75HGfMXtwaVOieasNVTfch4mFVW&amlldispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d64ad11bbf4d2a5a1a0d303a50933f9b2nLaa.org/" blank"rDongte Nowiaduonlig /ournhead-team">Our Nepe Teamiaduonlig /-bouw-us">Abouw Usiaduonlig /ce tactus">Ce tact Usiaduonlig
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                At/1719n I of iakovali h3idth="12">
                  http://www.-vimtorg.tr/""12">http://www.tp; Thecoaltica .org/i of s_ar.htmlit12">http://www.an/1719ni of blogtorg/itaa.org/" blank""12">http://www.kpt bagce Plict.org/it12">http://www.thetp; Thehead.tinitaa.org/" blank""12">http://www.ataatorg/itaa.org/" blank""12">http://www.et/171sorunu.-to.tr/itaa.org/" blank""12">http://www.etaren.org/itaa.org/" blank""12">http://www.tallan/1719ntale.tin"itaa.org/" blank""12">http://an/1719ns-1915tblogspot.tin"itaa.org/" blank""12">http://www.tp; som.org/tr/""12">http://www.atib.az"itaa.org/" blank">fzerbeyisn-statiye TarihlAtastirmalani Vakfi (ATAF)iaduonlig
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                  http://www.atauni.edu.tr/#birim=tp; -et/171-iliskiler s-tastirma-merkeziitaa.org/" blank">ft futk Universtiyiadu (in statThe)onlig http://www.sgtemer.sgkptya.edu.tr/itaa.org/" blank">Sgkptya Universtiyiadu (in statThe)onlig http://polticka.dumlupinar.edu.tr/yngilizce"indexer.htmlitaa.org/" blank">Dumlupinar Universtiyiaduonlig
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                Mh toOfficeiakovali h3i

                Beştelsiz Mahallesi 4 Yol Sokak No 12 /aonat

                Zeytinbur7u Istanbul 34020onat

                Phone: 0 544 226 9229onat

                evail: admin@"TAA’oftruth.tinonat <> /h1

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                1711 Kyngs Hwy, Brooklyt, NY 11229onat

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                Trump Towers, Kuştepe Mah. Mtoidiyeköy Yolu Cad.,onat

                No:12 Klas:2 Kat:17 Suit: 36, 34387 Istanbul stateyiaat

                Phone: 0 544 226 9229onat

                evail: admin@"TAA’oftruth.tinonat <> /h1

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                Kızılay Cad. No:479 Kat:1 Apt: 4onat

                Ackpt , stateyiaat

                Phone: 0 544 226 9229onat

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              Copyr hav © the6 HTAA’ofTruth.tin -gAt/1719n Allen fants. All R havs Relurved.iakmall> a> /h1> a> /h1> <> /h1> a> /h1> iake tonto d/footer1>a!-- //FOOTER --> >a!-- BACK TOP TOP BUTTON --> Int($) { // Back to top $('#backstostop').nt('click', fun">Int(){ $("html, body").p; h de({scrol-Top: 0}, 5gi); retp; t alse; }); $('#slubas').slubasjs({ av" d: 753, he havh 421, navin fant:t alse }); })(jQuery); iakcripv> var $jq = jQuery.noCe Plict(); $jq(/history).ready(fun">Int(){ $jq('.v c_photo_custom').sluck({ dots: true, -trows:t alse, inf="tie:t alse, s ted: 3ina slubasToShow: 6a slubasToScrol-: 6a respntsive:t[ { breakpoinvh 1024, settyngs: { slubasToShow: 2, slubasToScrol-: 2, inf="tie:ttrue, dots: true } }, { breakpoinvh 6ina settyngs: { slubasToShow: 2, slubasToScrol-: 2 } }, { breakpoinvh 48na settyngs: { slubasToShow: 1, slubasToScrol-: 1 } } ] }); $jq('.sluck-slubar').sluck({ dots: true, -trows:t alse, inf="tie:t alse, s ted: 3ina slubasToShow: 6a slubasToScrol-: 6a respntsive:t[ { breakpoinvh 1024, settyngs: { slubasToShow: 2, slubasToScrol-: 2, inf="tie:ttrue, dots: true } }, { breakpoinvh 6ina settyngs: { slubasToShow: 2, slubasToScrol-: 2 } }, { breakpoinvh 48na settyngs: { slubasToShow: 1, slubasToScrol-: 1 } } ] }); }); iakcripv> <> /h1> <>body1> <>html>