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Dear Editor,

I would appreciate it if you publish my response to Tanir's article referenced below.  I attempted many times to post my comments at the HDN site since Friday, in the comments section at the end of Tanir's article, but without success


I believe your readers have a right to know what ATAA thinks about an HDN article that covers ATAA.   



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President-Elect, ATAA   
(address & phones listed)




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After three days, my response is still not posted at HDN and I received no inquiries from HDN asking me to shorten my letter.  Under the circumstances, I deem HDN unresponsive and I post my letter here for public consumption, as I have nothing to hide from anyone, and that includes the members of the AFATH (Armenian Falsifiers and Turk Haters) community.   




Re: "Better or worse days for the ATAA?" , by İLHAN TANIR,  Friday, February 5, 2010 ;   




I  thank Mr. Tanir, HDN reporter based in Washington DC, for taking the time to chat with President Evinch and I over the phone on 3 February  2010.  That’s a first and I appreciate it.  My message was simple and I think he got it:  if Hurriyet Daily News (HDN) wishes to cover Turkish-American issues objectively, then HDN should make an effort to talk to Turkish-Americans first, along with whoever else HDN believes necessary.


The problem with the recent unfortunate HDN coverage (by Enginsoy) arose because that HDN reporter failed to get the input of the Turkish-Americans in a matter closely concerned them.    Had the HDN reporter done so, we, the elected representatives of the Turkish American community, would have filled him in on points, that even Mr. Tanir agrees, the Enginsoy article missed. I am glad to hear that Mr. Tanir will work closely with us in future to avoid such needless failure in communication.  To me, then, this whole unfortunate episode is water under the bridge and we all learned something from it.  Chalk it off to experience.


Having said that, though, I must express my initial reaction to Mr. Tanir's article as slight disappointment as he seems to have missed what I was trying to emphasize during our telephone conversation.  I know he means well so I will not lose any sleep over it, but I would like him to know that I am not against including dissenting points of view in any media, HDN or others.  What I am against is including dissenting points of view  to the exclusion of my point of view, and the views held by others like myself in our community.


I can effortlessly pinpoint to many articles published in HDN that matter to our community--as all facets of the  Turkey-America relations do--and where the ideas and views presented diametrically clash with those widely held in our community.  I cannot, however, point a single article where ATAA views are solicited, urged, or otherwise presented in response (the jury is still out on this letter you are reading now.)     No op-ed, no article, no survey, not anything. .. What is worse is that there had been no  efforts by HDN to do so, not until my letter to HDN editor crossed Mr. Tanir's desk, anyway.   That kind of lopsided coverage at HDN  is what I am against, not publishing of dissenting views there.  Let's please make that clear to one and all.


Perhaps Mr. Tanir would be kind enough to explain what he means by  “…The ATAA, unfortunately, has not had a good reputation among the Turkish community living in America until sh-Amef Tangests ettionao-figs”g>


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Dear”g> Perhaptfat Mr. Tanir&nbsgacetm to knoe ATAn=bett,er ir&nbsw woulfeelh cpefillem tcorDireke hmysell.



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Takin gudle! 


Desy. pe as; …


Des> Des futpllee his f Ifhe ATA 









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Homs o gest iieespesvis” 


II appreciatt Mr. Tanat’g tieeesnteI wittim, anP President Evingh, I musosywn; I ant disappoirdsh witr tho:absetide isuéo,uswsleivin="genelizelatioso, ank="caedlesa simificatiou thfel nopubraveh t inclull.



Afteobauriny helsecret. Reinvini,n,far donecholaisslI an2it iimyay,him nosnmytea go,e, burineqraped foa e-vibrau="soetoll.



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