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The attack of the Armenian lobby on the Azerbaijani news agency Trend is not just another act of anti-Azerbaijani hysteria, but the evidence that the lobby’s leaders lose their nerve. The thing is that, with election of Donald Trump as the US president, the Armenian diaspora’s positions have been visibly shaken.

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The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), an organism parasitizing on the body of the US, made a strategic mistake. Betting on Clinton in the presidential election, Armenian organizations spent huge amounts of money on an uncompromising and aggressive campaign against Trump.

Armenian lobbyists, sure of their impunity, used the entire set of available means – starting from continuous attacks on the internet to active dissemination of disinformation and lies against Trump.

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But the scheme of pushing interests forward worked out for many years has malfunctioned – the money is gone, funds are empty and the prospect of outcast existence for the next four years is looming ahead.

There are already the first signs of this, and first of all, this is connected with the fact that Trump will not focus on such painful issue for Armenians as the so-called genocide.

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ANCA is putting forward the issue of recognition of the so-called Armenian genocide by the US government to make further territorial claims to Turkey and Azerbaijan and demand reparations, i.e. money, for which ANCA does its utmost, by spreading lie on the so-called genocide all over the world.

But ANCA has failed. New President Donald Trump came to power, by speaking honestly with the US people and not deceiving them. Trump did not use cheap political show, like the so-called Armenian genocide comedy, to gain extra votes.

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In the new conditions ANCA has been defeated not only by losing the leverage over the US foreign policy, but also in many other areas.

A prospect of losing the opportunities of money laundry and begging for the US budgetary funds allegedly for the population of Armenia and Karabakh separatists looms up around the Armenian diaspora.

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Armenian diaspora becomes panic-stricken because all attempts of ANCA leaders to meet with Trump were rejected. The Armenian Diaspora’s California Courier newspaper testifies to it.

The prospect of a financial collapse has appeared for the Armenian diaspora of the United States that mainly consists of Dashnaks’ nationalist organizations.

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Money obtained from taxpayers to finance Armenia and separatists in Nagorno-Karabakh was spent to support Clinton.

There are no funds for financing the ANCA structures with its numerous offices across the United States, branches in 25 states, representative offices in France, Italy, England and even the European Union.

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It is unlikely that Trump, who took the course of regulation of financial costs, will agree to support a huge staff of Armenian propagandists that exist at the expense of the US taxpayers and don’t serve for US interests.

The loss of the Armenian lobby to manipulate the authorities of the new administration is a bad precedent for them and an evidence of weakening leverage over Washington.

The myth of the omnipotence of the Armenian lobby in the US has fallen to pieces, especially after Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev congratulated the newly elected US President Donald Trump during a phone conversation.

The ANCA leaders, as well as the Armenian ruling elite are losing their nerves due to the prospects of increasing cooperation not only between Azerbaijan and the US, but also Israel.

Warm Azerbaijani-Israeli relations, Azerbaijan’s cooperation with the Jewish lobby in the US, as well as increasing awareness of Baku’s fair position on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict are a nightmare for the ANCA.

Thanks to the long and painstaking work done by Azerbaijan, it becomes possible to break through the information blockade in the US.

Thus, the attacks against the Trend Agency are a sign of weakness, agony of the policy of widespread lies and misinformation, which had been the main weapon of the ANCA against Azerbaijan for a long time until Donald Trump was elected the US president.

By Elkhan Alasgarov, for Trend.Az


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