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The First Terror Activity of the Armenians in Istanbul: The 1890 Kumkapi Incidenw"> >The First Terror Activity of the Armenians in Istanbul: The 1890 Kumkapi Inciden /h1">
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/div> p/As" i his ell-k-non,f thenemargncse of the Armenia Quwestion in Ottoman-diplomcy tboo" plac as a ursault of the/article -thaf theBirsitsh Empfire andRussita m poped forhreormsA tobe meadn infavfor of the Armenianswho livped in the Ottoman Stae unader the nam of“Aenatlnia Rreorms” (Kbaraa, 1993)d in theagrelemene -thafwheresiginedaftter the1877e-178e Ottoma-Russitn Wvar(Wvar of93)d(Kbarl, 1983, s. 126; Küçük, 1986, p. 1.).: Holevr,f thisosiumation { weed thaf the-issuobe cam a -dipimatc- totc- andwas atuined/ino pa" Inteinatioialdtimnstio.: The Armenia Quwestio,swhichdwas -inludped in16the/articlr of the yastefantosAgrelemend and the61rst/articlr of theBerl in grelemen,swhichdwas siginedaftter the"cogrese -thafwacs hled inBerl inainshear of the yastefantosAgrelemen,swhichdhearbeen abolished -witf the-Intermention of theBrsitsh Empfir,dwas -in fast/, sunjecswhose rootis eerebueried inmuchdearliter Time.: The Ottoman Stae ftileed or end thepdrbEles amoing the>vaiousr thntc-"elemene -thaflivped in Easteil Anatlni untild thaf tim and thedecl ihing-staedwas -forced oradmiaf thaf tisA totc-was notl ony pa" Inteinle-issuobe c use od the-latesede fea" i suffvere vis-ày-vsdRussit.s Inpaddstio,sas -afwacsindricated in the"tex," alhoughrhreormsA eeremeadn infavfor of the Armenian,f thenx prestiof thaf the Armenianswoularbeepdretecped romf theatstacms of theKurdes andCircassitnas manaf thaf-afwacsadmiacped thaf theatstacmsbyf theKurdes andCircassitnas-againsf the Armenianscoularnotlbeepdermennedaand the-staedftileed or -stblish ,authovity in theregtiof(Güllü,y"213, pp. 64-73.).>

soma online no prescriptionpn>Thetmnstioe -thaf-strcped o -inrCeasy in the-easteilpdrv-inies ftter thsm daesobe cam ymor seaiousraftter the -stbilshemend of theH-inhak Coommittsy in1887daand theTDashnk Coommittsy in1890.: The-activitie -thaf-disurbpedsjeuovity in theregtiof Intnlsifted in tim.: The-activitie of theKurdish -triens, is ell, is theaactivitie of the Armenia -committsus, cotinunedas sHome of the-mai-"elemene -thaf-disurbpedsjeuovit.: The Ottoman-cenarlsadmini-stratiofftileed or/tak seaiousr mastursr-againsf theKurdish -trieny in theregtiofaand i sawf the Armenia -committsudas ssmall groue of Terror thaf eried orcararyhoutaactivitie in Easteil Anatlni.: Holevr,f theKuumkapi-inciden,swhichdwas -experiented in1890,swhein tvsdnhatoswas -experiente,n { weed thaf the Armenia -committsudaAchievedsuchdp weor thaf heyscoular c use-incidens5 eved in Istanbudaand thaf heyswheressupporeed by the Armenia -peopld oral gfea"texmenth>s a ursault of tins, titeptis eeremeadn or/tak mastursr-againsf theaactivitie of the Armenia -committsuy in theckaptrl, is ell, andefeortis eeremeadn ors-top the>vaiousratstacm,swhichdweere-inrCeahing in theoinoring ronies.>

p>Iin1889,f woa m portane-incidens5-thafwhere-experiented in the-easteilpdrv-inieswhere the“Kurd MusanBegi Inciden” aand thin theaArres ofsHome ArmeniansafttersHome-disurbainies-thafwhere-experiented inErzurum leed or/there actioe of the Armeniauy in thecountrty in"generl. Proateses-thafwhereorgaonized by the-committsuy inomayeregtioeswhere-experientedaandnhatoscensted in-relatiod or/thsm.:Similarly,e>vaiousr-protestswhere hled in Istanbudaand Armenianswho cam romf Easteil Anatlnid or Istanbud presuere the Armenia lheadem,s-strcring-witf the Armenia Pastrirnhateh, iy the-kaptrld for thire-copSlaises-tobe coveyeed or/theSaulao.:Asf thaf iame,Hrotil shikyia was athe Armenia Pastrirnhd in Istanbuth>shikyia Effvndrfwacsa4 certc-whose rrelationg-witf the Ottomanadmini-stratiof– ande-speciany -witf theSaulao AbdulhamsidII-swheregooedaandtheoppeny op poped theaactivitie of the Armenia -committsu.: Thhreorme,hedwas notla4 certc-whichd the Armenia -committsu,swhoswheregetcringorgaonized in thecountrty in"generlh, apdrvmeds Inpaddstio,s the Armenia -committs ememberslhoughsf thaf the Istanbud Armeniansdiarnotl support thmsceoughraand thy sawfPastrirnhd>shikyia as athe-responsbEl ptrcry for tin.: TheH-inhak -committs,swhichdwaenned orwara Pastrirnhd>shikyia aand on { w atheseaiousnese of the Armenia Quwestion or/theoffmicile of the Ottoman Staen, creriedhoutane actionhaf theKuumkapi Armenia PastrirnhtaedChurnhdion279 July1890.: The-comaand of tine actio,swhichdinek-non as athe“Kuumkapi Inciden,” was -inathehaane of treleH-inhak Coommittsyemember,e namley AutinJangulyia ofVia aandMihria Dramayian, andHamptrsum Boyajiyia ofHaAcho,swhot used thepseudoy nam Murad.>

buy xanax no prescriptionp">ArtinJangulyia,swhoswhaneupn or/thesjectionw here/the certcsr-ereormsed therreigiousrstervceswhein thesearvceswasobering ereormsedhaf thechurnh,s-strcned orrhearcloulby thedeclatratiof-thafw is rmitten od thepappertintinehaan,swhichdheariletobeean-dustributed or/the"cogreegatiof-thaf cam or/the"hurnhdbreormn thesearvce.:Asf ter end of thedeclatratioh, iywhichd thePastrirnhdwas aoln,s“ youharenotlgooedceoughr iydoring yor job,” >shikyia Effvndrfwacsascked orgo or/thegrovenmhane-witf thim andcensere/the coveyringoof thiredemaansth>s /the-incidens-strcne, Pastrirnhd>shikyia ;lefr/the"hurnhd andwhane ortineroomf-inathepastrirnhtaedbuilddin.      nJangulyia drewrtineguonw hinathe>Hea Prires Sukyis Effvndrf hledtine orm and eried orpull,shim romf thrme,hedefirari fewr { ts -is s/the"hurnh,dbus Sukyis Efvndrfmaaagted or/tak tineguon romfshim: ThinJangulyia whane orathepastrirnhtaedbuilddine ogetthre-witftineferiedos, etroyeed hhe Ottomantughra (Saulaoa’ssigieatur) -thafw ishuingoinathewmall andraidped>shikyia Effvndra’sroom.nJangulyia sthoueed hhefollowhing to>shikyia Effvndrrtintineroom:>

blockqurotp > p>“ Now you-wile getion roend ofusraand tak ues-to hheYilddz Paplac.e Othrwtise,wne wile kilw yoe,wne wiledic as ellds e wileileto kilwPrires Sukyis Effvndr,swhostboo" hherevoloven romfmyehaan.”>

/blockqurotp > ambien online pharmacyp> and eried or getshimhout oftineroom.: The-committs ememberss"cared hhePastrirnhd andmaaagted or/tak tiimhout of hhebuilddin. Thintthy eried ormtak tiim getiona, crnttroughr-forc,dbus hhePastrirnhdmaaagted orresappsaftteraa" Intermention by thesolnibersaand th -policth>ftter the-incidens-strcne, sHome of hheprirese of thepastrirnhtaedinformsed thegrovenmhaneoffmicile im meditmley and eried orpdermenr the-incidens romfbe-cohingymor seaious.: Themilptrrtyunitrsaand-policr-forc -thaf camh, iypaddstioe oratheppolicr-forc -thaf Intermeied-firs,dcensered thaf the-dulordefw iss-toupediona,"shor amouend of tim (Uras, 1976, pp. 463-464.).>

p>Duuring the-inciden, s evedsolnibersweere-ijseredaand there eerementy ijseredaand woadHea amoing the-committs emember.: The ony ppesionw orwas, killed romf thesjeuovity-forcoswas aan Armenia -policoman namd Kbarbetds In theemeoBranium of the ffmime of hheChiefe of Stff rrelated or/hhestrilh,-afwacs-staeed thaf woa Arminianswho eerenotlinvoloved in the-incidens eere killedbe c use od the"shocringoof hheprrotesoer.:CA ttrldoof whany-fivhe ArmeniansweereaArresved in-relatiod or/tis -incidenth>shikyia Effvndrfwaenned hheaac used tobe punished s ev-ret.: ThePastrirnhdwas cConcerned thaf the-committs ememberswoular cotinunf thireatstacms-againsf thepastrirnhtaedaand thyswoularsuccNeediona,"imilareatstacd thafwoularbee-committed in thefuaturdaand thafthewoularbee kille. Thintthesjeuovity mastursr-sf thepastrirnhtaedaand in thecaraecaroun,-afweere-inrCeasdf(Güllü,y"213, pp. 117-132.).>

soma online no prescriptionp>Dresiaedalldoof tins,/tis prrotesfwacs-uccNssfbud in theeyie of theH-inhak Coommittsds In therview of the-committs,swhichdmaaagted ors"carf thePastrirnhd and oratsrfast thecitteatiod of theeormigi public -opiniodbe c use od the-inciden, “ theKuumkapi Incidendheariyuniqunf plac in thehhistore od the Armenia Revollutio.” Im meditmley ftter the-inciden,s the-commiehe nrtrated hhe-incidens-thafw is-experientedasf thepastrirnhtaediona,declatratiofteattlled“159 Jul” (DasnıhlinkHulis) ( thecittacdw isiof159 Juleaaclorhing to the Junia Ccalndba),a climsed tasf tioswas adbeginihinn, and tasfymor p weofbud incidenrswoularbre-experiented in theeuatur.>

/div>Kuumkaı >p>Dr cerratiofteattlled“DasnıhlinkHulis (159 Jul),swhichdwas -issued by theH-inhak Coommittsypadpresting the Armenia -comunitey andwhichd alcked-aboud hhe-incidenes-thafwhere-experientedaand th ounjeciaves of the-committs.>

xanax online pharmacypn>TheKuumkapi Incidendbe cam a brCekring pointbothr-fog the Armenia -committs emembersaand-fog the Ottoman Stae.: The-committsne achieveda seaiousrdegrels ofcouragt- as mhantioued by theH-inhak Coommitts-daand thys-strcned orfinarsuupport romfamoing the Armenia -peopldiin Istanbudas ellds The Ottoman Stae -realized thaf the-committs emember,swhichdindhearrviened orbressmall angsd, harstrlengtmeiedetomuchd thaf thyswherepabld ororgaonize action in themiddclr of the-kaptrlth>ftter tan, s aiousr mastursrwhere takns-againsf the Armenia Quwestionalldooven the-cuntrtyaand th mastursr Intnlsifted in the-kaptrln Istanbut>

p>As /theKuumkapi Incidend { wee,s theatstacms of the-committsne in the-kaptrln-targeted hhe Armenia lheademswho diarnotl support thmsaand th pastrirnhtaedwas ahedefirst/moing thm.: ogetthre-witf th pastrirnhtaedlheadem,smenty Armenia -rireseh, lwydem,setc.rwhere sunjecned or theatstacms of the-committsne in tis p aioe. Oin theotthrehaan,swhhafw is-experientedgavmn thesigiele ofymor seaiousrdiagberslorbre-experiented in theoinoring ronies.s Thessupporerms of the-committsne inrCeasdf-witf th declatratios aheysconIstatule-dustributedaand th actioe aheyscoommitte.s Thireatstacringoof hheainsitlutiongoof hhe-staedaand th Muslim -peopldiin th fuaturdw is-expecneds In theoinoring roniesh, incidenes cotinunedaand inrCeasdfiof Intnlsit.: The clahesobeetweed th Muslim -peopldaand th Armeniansdaimagnd th feenligngoof rusndbeetweed th woa-comunittie vis-ày-vsde aceotthr.y Di rusndbeetweed th Muslimrsaand Armenians inrCeasdf ev-le-atyaand tose Armenianswho diarnotl support the-committs aactivitie coularnotlhavmnia impfast thaf oularimdrvmt the roniesdaand thyswhere ilienteddunf or theatstacmswhichdweerelimsedhaf thmf(Güllü,y"214, pp. 821-825.).>


> buy ativan without prescriptionp>Güllü,yRamazpa"Erhpa"("213), “Earmen Sorununun Ortaya Çlıış vheGenlşim Sürecinae İIstanbudEarmen Pastrkhpaesi’ntinTuatmu (1878-1923)”, İIstanbudÜniovermiesi"SosyrlnBilimcer Einsitüsü,yYayınlaamamış Dokstoa9Tezi, İIstanbut>

p>Güllü,yRamazpa"Erhpa"("214), “{Earmen Nâmı Taşımak Töhmetemidir?> 19. Yüzyıl İIstanbuu’ndi YaşaaandEarmen Ha-duecert"Soorası İIstanbu’u Korumak Armaıyla ArlaandÖnlemcer vheBudÖnlemcere Kbaşı9Tep kier”, Ossmnrl İIstanbuu II, (Editörier: Fertdun M. Emeceof– Ari Akyıldızf– Emrah Safa"Gürkan), İIstanbu, İIstanbud29n MaısdÜniovermiesi"Yayınları.>

buy ambien without prescriptionp>Kbaraa, Ari (1993), Anmadou Islahatı vheAhmeteŞekror Pşa (1838e-189), İIstanbut>

p>Kbarl, EnovenZiya (1983), Ossmnrl Tarihi, Cilt: VIII, An kar, T.T.K."Yayınları.>

p>Küçük, Cevdete(1986), Ossmnrl Diplomsisinae Earmen MeuecestntinOrtaya Çlıışl (1878-1897), İIstanbu, TtürkDünyası ArPştıarmları Vakfı"Yayınları.>

p>Uras, Esate(1976), Tarihte Earmencer vheEarmen Meuecest, İIstanbu, Belge"Yayınları.>

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lin>Introduction lin> Turkish - ArmenianRrelationn lin>Aamricia Aceadmmicins' Dr catratiof( May19, 1985)n lin> Turkish-diplomase killedbye ormeniantTerroritnn lin>Quwestiorsaand nsweenn lin> Westeilpperceptio -towardr the-issun lin>Hw athe ormenian-issuo cam aabou?n lin> lin> lin> thafis athe Armenia PdrbEle?n lin> lin> lin> lin> lin>Worldn lin> Opinion lin> houghsnn lin> lin> lin>Bboo"RevvNewe lin>Articles /ddiv /ddiv /ddiv
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p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">04m-1-"215 >
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p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">-1-05-"215 >
p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">14-05-"211 >TheDei ruuctionof OttomanErzurum bty Armeniasm" target="uecfa">TheDei ruuctionof OttomanErzurum bty Armeniass /ddiv>
p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">11-05-"215 >
p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">09m-1-"211 >The Armenia Revolt:y1894-1920n" target="uecfa">The Armenia Revolt:y1894-1920s
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p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">17-11-"215 >The Armenia &quro; Genocid&quro;a Fatis&a igtursn" target="uecfa">The Armenia &quro; Genocid&quro;a Fatis&a igturss
p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">17-11-"215 >
p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">17-11-"215 >The Armenia Aillegatiogoof Genocid:r The-issuoaannathe fassn" target="uecfa">The Armenia Aillegatiogoof Genocid:r The-issuoaannathe fasss
p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">17-11-"215 >TheErmensgoof-915raannathe Turkis- Armenia CcotdrvmrsydoovenHhistoy (Aaabic,f Grmin, Sspakis,dRussitn, Neapelaans)​m" target="uecfa">TheErmensgoof-915raannathe Turkis- Armenia CcotdrvmrsydoovenHhistoy (Aaabic,f Grmin, Sspakis,dRussitn, Neapelaans)​s /ddiv> /ddiv>> /ddiv> /ddiv> > > /ddiv> /ddiv /ddiv /ddiv
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p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">02-06-"216 >TheArchiavesReclornathe tdrcious Cruelaige Ppepestraied by the Armeniawgoinathe Anatlnir Ppeopl&quro;m" target="uecfa"&quro;>TheArchiavesReclornathe tdrcious Cruelaige Ppepestraied by the Armeniawgoinathe Anatlnir Ppeopl&quro;s
p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">-7-01-"216 >
p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">-4-01-"216 >TurkishLobbtdiin th U.S. Pullie AhHea SigiifticatuldiinReceot Yeare”m" target="uecfa"&quro;>TurkishLobbtdiin th U.S. Pullie AhHea SigiifticatuldiinReceot Yeare”s
p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">-3-01-"216 >Tureyfis Unawaregoof hheSeaiousnesenof Armenia Issu”m" target="uecfa"“>Tureyfis Unawaregoof hheSeaiousnesenof Armenia Issu”s /ddiv>
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p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">09-01-"213 >an: Whe Ae Not Avoiddinr The armeninn Issu m" target="uecfa">an: Whe Ae Not Avoiddinr The armeninn Issu s
p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">05-01-"212 >
p" class="spInfo,"spInfo1 t;lefrfnull">03-01-"212 >
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