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We've certainly heard enough about Armenian orphans. What about Turkish orphans? This other side of the coin is invisible in Western reportage, because the 2.5 million non-Armenian Ottomans who lost their lives simply were not considered important. Yet such a cataclysmic loss produced a good share of orphans, as well.

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The following excerpt from Halide Edib's THE TURKISH ORDEAL (1928) tells us of the abuse from Armenians that Turkish orphans faced. We're constantly told about the "forced conversion" of Armenians, and no doubt there was some of that going on. But here is the other side of the coin, the "forced conversion" of Turks. Naturally, after the Entente victory, the Armenians were in a greater power position within what was left of the occupied Ottoman Empire, after 1918.

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The following has been made available elsewhere on the site (as this page), referencing Kamuran Gurun's "The Armenian File." But what is below is the more complete version. Thanks to reader Cihan for making it available.

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pp. 16-18:

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In the midst of all this the taking of the Armenian children from the Turkish orphanages began to assume a tragic aspect. There were a large number of Turkish orphanages in Anatolia filled with Turkish children whose parents had been the victims of the Armenians. These orphanages had taken Armenian children as well and made them Moslems (which was wrong). The rest of the Armenian orphans were taken by the Americans. Apart from this some Turkish families had taken Armenian children out of kindness and pity without any desire to make them Moslems: for the Moslem Turks do not have the missionary instincts of the Christians of the West. That the Armenians want their children back from those orphanages, and that the British should help them, was very natural. Indeed so much were these orphanages suffering from want and misery that I believe they were glad to have their hands free of them. Anyway, Turkey seemed a country where the number of orphans and their suffering were pitiful to see. Somehow the Turkish orphans got the worst of it. There were about ninety thousand Turkish orphans, and the orphanages contained only twelve thousand children. In hrefs R5la/base-bs3/js/respond.min.js">