xanax for saleADA University hosted today a round-table on “Political security aspects of Azerbaijan-Turkey relations”, APA reports.
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Delivering a speech at the conference, Farhad Mammadov, Director of the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, underlined high-level cooperation between the two countries.

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Ali Resul Usul, Director of Center for Strategic Studies at Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, assessed bilateral relations in 4 directions.

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“Relations between our countries are experiencing a golden age. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s first official visit to Baku can be taken as an example. Despite it was a traditional visit, it is of particular importance. Strategic relations are developing rapidly,” he said.

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Usul noted that Azerbaijan and Turkey supported each other in difficult times, adding that Azerbaijan’s development is the development of Turkey.

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“Current development is not enough. So it is necessary to determine strategic objectives for the further development of relations,” he said.

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Official of the Foreign Relations Department of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Turab Gurbanov said in his speech that relations between the two countries have a long history.

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“We have always stood by each other in the most difficult times. As a strong state in the region, Azerbaijan contributes to the growth of Turkish influence in world politics", Gurbanov said.

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Touching upon the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Gurbanov stressed that aggressor Armenia hasn’t yet fulfilled relevant resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council as well as the documents approved by some international organizations. Gurbanov praised the fair position of Turkey on this issue.

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The round table continued with discussions on the topic.

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Note that, as part of the Turkish Week, the Azerbaijani and Turkish delegation will attend the round-table discussion “Azerbaijan-Turkey relations: Opportunities and Challenges" in Gabala. The guests will then make a visit to Agdam district. The Turkish Week will come to an end on November 5 with a press conference.

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Zeytinburnu Istanbul 34020n"0-

Phone: 0 544 226 9229n"0-

e-ail: admin@ss="nspoftruth.>

Phone: 1 929 422 3071n"0-

e-ail: admin@ss="nspoftruth.>

No:12 K cl:2 Kat:17 Suit: 36, 34387 Istanbul spAreyn"0-

Phone: 0 544 226 9229n"0-

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Phone: 0 544 226 9229n"0-

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