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Armenian Lie To Demonize Azerbaijan

Published: 12-17-2014

By Mushvig Mehdiyev - Azernews.Az

An Armenian man has shocked all Azerbaijanis with his recent gross lies about the country. He is a member of a family which was repatriated to Armenia safe and sound after living for five years in Azerbaijan.

Gevorgians fled from Armenia to Azerbaijan in 2010 in a hope to escape the Armenian nightmare and find a shelter in the third country.

"It is unbearable to live in Armenia. The prevailing injustice in the country has forced us to move to another country. Dissatisfied people are behind the bars. People have lost their hope," Gevorgians said in 2010, asking the Azerbaijani government to deliver them to a third country.

Though the family failed to take an asylum in a third country, they refused to return to homeland fearing to face repression.

Azerbaijan treated them based on the international norms and human rights. Finally on December 12, they stepped back on Armenia's territory healthfully. But, their words about five years of life in Azerbaijan reflected a gross lie, as the family allegedly told about horrifying behavior against them in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan had no choice but to send back the family to their native country, Armenia.

Gevorgians' life in Azerbaijan has turned into a spectacle for the Armenian authorities to project a negative image of Azerbaijan by talking of the "horrors of torture of its citizens."

Gevorgians family slandered about Azerbaijan under pressure by the Armenian special forces who intimidate the repatriated citizens and use their baseless words as a hard blow on Azerbaijan. The false statements are made to demonize Azerbaijan.

The Armenian authorities turn to every possible method to portray Azerbaijan as a "guillotine", where the outlanders are punished and tortured. In fact Gevorgians' deliberate lies about Azerbaijan, a country which took care of them better than their native Armenia, amount to a self-defense.

Overwhelming outflow of people (30,000-40,000 permanent deserters each year, according to local statistics service) from Armenia is a reliable fact proving the absence of appropriate life conditions there. Gevorgians were also one of the families, who lost all hope for better future within Armenia's borders and decided to pursue happiness in foreign lands. In this case, the authorities do not hesitate to label other countries in an effort to stop the unprecedented emigration. Loser runaways like Gevorkyans, the mental and physical cowards, have turned into a placard in the hands of Armenian authorities to chant slogans against Azerbaijan.

Psychologist Ibrahim Ibrahimov said the family’s confessions of being subjected to torture are not reliable.

"Ego is very important for a human being. Openly talking about undergoing aggressive behavior is not easy. Ego is a self-defense. A human being cannot present himself or herself as a miserable and humiliated one given to the fear of losing his or her status in the society. So, it is logical to look for a biased influence behind the words of the Armenian family," Ibrahimov said.

Their confessions clearly mirror the ways of pressuring that the Armenian special services apply on the Armenians violating the Geneva Convention for the protection of war victims.

The deep enmity and envy against Azerbaijan have pushed Armenia to use every possible and impossible ways to defame its neighbor, twenty percent of whose territory it keeps under occupation for more than 20 years, turning more than a million Azerbaijanis into refugees and IDPs.