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Published: 06-22-2009

ImageA research made by White House showed that Armenians massacred 2 millions of Muslim Ottomans. Armenians do not want to open their archives because they do not want this truth to unveil.

Advisor to former U. S. President Reagan, Fein said,"A research made by White House showed that Armenians massacred 2 millions of Muslim Ottomans. Armenians do not want to open their archives because they do not want this truth to unveil".

Worked as a law advisor to former U. S. President Ronald Reagan, Bruce Fein evaluated allegations of so called Armenian genocide. Stating that the claims of genocide are desperately groundless, Fein said that this issue is investigated by White House in the times of President Reagan and they are proved to be wrong. Here are the statements of Bruce Fein over claims of genocide;

"One shouldn’t forget that Ottomans treated minorities in a wonderful way with great attention. Minorities in Ottoman Empire lived their lives and religions freely.

Armenian terrorist organizations cooperated with France and Russia and they massacred Ottomans. It is a truth that the number of Ottoman loses is about 2 millions. While loses of Armenians is proved to be about 500 thousand. What is important here is betrayal of Armenians. Ottomans defended theirselves. Especially Armenians in United States have enourmous profits over claims of genocide. U. S. administration doesn’t want to have Armenians against itself since very big amount of money is in place. Armenians doesn’t want to open their archives, because they do not want this truth to unveil. They do not want to lose benefits of genocide lie. The truth will unveil as fast as archives are opened".