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Turkish Organization Protests Kardashian

Published: 12-14-2010

Organization for Fighting Against Baseless Armenian Allegations (ASIMDER) has launched an e-mailing campaign against Armenian-American celebrity Kim Kardashian who recently called her American fans to press Speaker of US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to bring resolution recognizing so called Armenian genocide to the floor vote before the 111th Congress adjourns.

ASIMED called Turkish people to send protest messages to the twitter account of American celebrity Kim Kardashian ( and to send the following letter to the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (

Honorable Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives

We write this letter to you with the feeling of our most sincere respect, best wishes and our hearth which is inspired with hope in order to have a fair world.

Nowadays Armenian Diaspora and some certain nongovernmental organizations supported by them and some certain person related to media have put intense pressure on you to make accepted Armenian genocide decision bill which was unfortunately accepted by İnternational Affairs.

As you know very well, the friendship and alliance between the United States of America and Turkish Republic dates back a very long time. The United States of America and Turkish Republic together have struggled for many peaceful purposes about which we will be talked even after centuries and will continue to struggle. As you know well, Turkish Republic with its historical and geographical position, military and economic power, peaceful politics and tolerant character coming from depths of the history has power and competence to provide important contributions to solve many more problems.

However, so-called Armenian genocide draft-bills, which are not based on the trustworthy basis and facts coming up periodically in your parliement are on the verge of weakening the deep ties between two countries. Even if these decisions are not bindings with the approval of draft-bills related to so-called genocide allegation in such an effective and powerful parliament like United States of America, certain foundations gain power from this lie and this situation is watched solicitously by Turkish nation. If this kind of initiations continues relations between our countries which are in very collaborative, and activities in Afghanistan, Iraq, Eastern European, Caucasian and Middle East seem to cause read accident inevitably.

In recent years in the world public opinion a big aspersion and smear campaign have been started against Turkish nationality who has lived throughout the ages with human dignity and given his peaceful hand to the aggrieved, helpless and oppressed people. Especially during the First World War, Turkish people having been faced with a great many of international disasters, unfortunately, have been exposed to invasions which, without doubt, are deliberate, are not based on the historical facts and with the intention of demolishing Turkish Republic territorial integrity. Even the most basic right ‘self-defense’ of the international law and human right is ignored when Turkey and Turkish people are concerned.

We do not expect any special treatment or compassion from anyone. As Turkish nation all we want is the injustices and aspersion made against our nation to come an end and the principles and decisions of International Law and United Nations to be applied equally and fairly. Without paying attention to which conditions should consist of in order to describe an event as a genocide, acting prejudicially does not have any lawful basis.

We strongly reject allegations and decisions of people who do not need to take into consideration the events happening in 1915 and afterwards by finding these allegations and decisions unfair, immoral and as aspersions. We invite all the countries and everybody judging with their conscience to justice, equity and not to be an instrument of endless grudge and detestation of Armenian comitias and diaspora who are captured by their obsessions but to be impartial.

Finally, before thinking to take the law numbered 250 that accepts the Armenian genocide to general assembly. We would like you to remember the following sentence written in the literary work of Armenian historian Mateos about 950 years ago; ‘The hearts of Turks was full of compassion and kindness towards Christians. They brought affluence, peace and happiness to the Armenian people.’