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Azerbaijan calls Armenia to start work on peace treaty on settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict without prevarications, said Azerbaijani Foreign Minister in his interview to “Interfax”. “I think that the certain progress was achieved and we can calmly start the preparation of the peace treaty” – the minister underlined. Answering the question “when is Baku ready to start negotiations on peace treaty with the Armenian side”, the minister’s response was concrete: “Just today”.

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Commenting the Kazan meeting of the presidents Mammmadyarov said that “Many Mass Medias write that the meeting was unsuccessful, but I don’t agree with it. I agree more with the position that, firstly, as reflected in the statement of the presidents, the rapprochement occurred, and, secondly, we - Azerbaijan and Armenia – must continue negotiations without any PR, tantrums, to work on the rapprochement of positions. Moreover, Azerbaijan is still in the same position demonstrated in Sochi: we are ready to begin the work on peace treaty”.

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According to Mammadyarov, Kazan meeting showed that several elements which should be in the peace treaty, have not been coordinated yet: “If in fact there is a good will, let’s work on negotiations without waiting for next stage of negotiations on basic principles”. The minister said that the main principles were existing as basis: “We know that in what direction we are moving on the conflict’s settlement. There are uncoordinated details in the basic principles. Why it is needed to triple the efforts for coordination of these elements. Any way they will be reflected in the peace treat. Let’s start immediately the work on peace treaty and demonstrate our will to the entire world that we are ready to work ona legally binding peace agreement, rather than on a political document”.

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