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Sargsyan's War Against Azerbaijani Children: the Doomed Strategy of Dishonor

Published: 08-12-2017

Armenian military-political elite deliberately leads the matter to an explosive escalation.

If the enemy does not surrender, he must be rendered harmless. If he is also a terrorist, it does not even make sense to think about his fate. It's not up to humanism. After a series of various crimes, Armenia does not quell and continues to try Azerbaijan’s patience.

It would seem that the history of the village of Alkhanly of Fizuli region, the tragic death of a two-year-old Azerbaijani girl and her grandmother, who shocked millions of people, exposed the true nature of the policy of state terrorism for the world. It is maliciously carried out by the Armenian government, and if it were not so, the hotheads in Yerevan would have long come to their senses.

However, the Armenian military-political elite is not only unprepared for peace, it deliberately leads the matter to an explosive escalation in order to bore Azerbaijan and force it to reconcile with the occupation of Karabakh and adjacent lands. Is it possible? Rather the Kur will flow backward than Azerbaijan will abandon its own territories.

By doing everything to attain its goal, Yerevan was carried away by a course that, in the end, would lead it to a fiasco. In principle, this can be seen with the naked eye. But Yerevan is ruled by war criminals who purported to be the rulers, being unaware of the seriousness of the situation.

The chronicle of the Armenian-Azerbaijani armed confrontation, replenished with yet another disturbing page in connection with the severe injury of 13-year-old Ramin Yusifov, sheds light on most things that the world circles do not know or do not want to know about. The external forces blessed Armenia’s role of a troublemaker at the junction of the continents. A semi-republic with a dubiously inclined part of the elite seriously set out to turn the remnants of their nation into an army, a kind of a zombie biomass for which an endless war will become the meaning of life. Paradoxically, the behind-the-scenes moderators do not prevent Yerevan from repeating mistakes. And the sacrificial substance is the Armenian ethnos, which, as is seen, is not pitied by anyone.

It cannot go unnoticed that the mind of the Armenian society is sufficiently, if not completely, confused. False optimism is instilled into whole generations by the thesis that "the liberation of primordially Armenian lands is about to reach a new level". This message shows that for the people led by vicious terrorists, the war is not only unfinished, but continues with views on permanence for the sake of new territorial acquisitions.

In conditions when false propaganda brainwashes the new generations, forcing anti-Azerbaijani hysteria, it is not realistic to hope that one day the leading forces will see and realize the disastrous nature of the implemented course. While the authorities drive the people into psychosis with the help of criminal populism, the epidemic of misanthropy only grows stronger. It absorbs the remnants of the mind, and this is what the criminal power seeks with its illusory predatory strategy.

Today the ruling party of Yerevan is celebrating the victory of Sargsyan’s war against Azerbaijani children, women and elderly people. The Armenian military fires on civilians of Azerbaijani settlements and villages not only in the occupied territories, but also on the state border with Armenia. Yerevan is determined to increase the perimeter of the fire zone with the coverage of the peaceful Azerbaijani population.

Not a single Armenian civilian either in Karabakh or along the Azerbaijani-Armenian border has been wounded by Azerbaijani servicemen ever since the outbreak of hostilities. This is a rather characteristic fact, which reveals the underlying goals and tasks solved by the participants in the conflict. Azerbaijan's actions stand up to the logic of common sense when the country holds a just war. The country was attacked, it lost not only territories, monuments of antiquity, infrastructure, but also thousands of her sons and daughters. But it does not raise its hand to civilians, although it could do so.

The times when children become the victims of confrontation, by definition, can not be considered as an encouraging stage in the path of a comprehensive peace. Azerbaijan and the world community sharply condemned the atrocities of Armenians who killed young children and women. However, an adequate reaction of the broad masses had no effect on Armenia.

By resorting to smeary provocations, intimidating the civilian population of Azerbaijan, Yerevan is raising the policy of state terror to the rank of the norm. The Armenian elite are far from holding a dialogue in the interests of compromised solutions. And, therefore, the terrible genocidal crimes, cold-blooded murders of children, and other acts of misanthropy can be repeated.

The basis for Azerbaijan’s behavioral line should have long been formed on the logic "treat the enemy the same way he is going to treat you”, and the criminal power should be indicated as a target. As emphasized in the statement of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, "in order to ensure the safety of the civilian population, the armed forces of the country conduct counter-offensive operations, suppress enemy's firing points and liberate strategic points fropm occupation" An illustration of this is the events of April 2016, when the aggressor rushed to the embrasure of a large-scale military provocation and got a strong response.

The fight against terrorism is a task that has to be completed. The carriers of the terrible evil, that is terrorists, whether they are from the hierarchy of power, like in Armenia, should be rendered harmless. No matter how hard the current Armenian government is trying to raise the degree of regional anarchy, it will not be able to achieve its goals and raise the level of aggression to the maximum. The destructive strategy of Serzh Sargsyan and his entourage came very close to the critical point.

By targeting civilians, the aggressor’s army showed that it had exhausted not only a military but also a moral resource. And this is the most terrible thing that could take place in the midst of distraught maniacs.