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It's tragic how many Armenians are so blinded by hatred that they prefer to live in the past, and deny themselves the joys of their roots.

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Sam Weems offers a powerful argument from pgs. 230-233 of his "Armenia -- Secrets of a 'Christian' Terrorist State" ... using the history of Richard Hovannisian's "The Republic of Armenia"... that the Armenians' inflated claims of more than a million casualties is a farce.

In early 2005, I had written an essay entitled, "The Creationism of the Armenian Genocide," exploring how the politics, obsession and wealth of both the genocidists and the Creationists (or their "scientific" successors, the Intelligent Designers) affect society's acceptance of a version of events that has little to do with the truth.

"...[T]hese records were at the time compiled for strictly internal use, i.e. for in-house consideration, and were not intended for public consumption, [so that] one may be reasonably safe in declaring the evidence obtained thusly as incontestable."

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nejdet Bilgi

One of the ways to prevent the topic of Armenian relocation from getting away from reality is to put forward the events in detail at the local level because such emigration and relocation procedures that were large-scale and that were carried out at an extraordinary time did not conclude the same way in each unit.

The following is from Prof. Stanford Shaw's "From Empire to Republic: The Turkish War of National Liberation, 1918-1923," 2001, pp. 236-263. While published in English, the book appears to be difficult to find outside of Turkey.

The real hypocrisy and tragedy of this tale is that the 518,000 Turks/Muslims and Sephardic Jews who were outright murdered by criminal Armenians is never addressed by hypocritical and devious "genocide scholars." I don't know if all half-million of these victims' names have been documented, but certainly the Ottoman government workers made a document of who was killed and how, just like any police report recording crimes in other countries.

The first anecdote below relies on what is called a "song." Interestingly, the main " evidence" of the Armenian "Genocide" boils down to what could be the line of a blues song: "My grandmama done tol' me..."




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