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"...[T]hese records were at the time compiled for strictly internal use, i.e. for in-house consideration, and were not intended for public consumption, [so that] one may be reasonably safe in declaring the evidence obtained thusly as incontestable." Vahakn Dadrian was not entirely on the mark when he referred to internal German-government reports as "incontestable" (in his "signal facts" article from 2003); the people who prepare such reports could, after all, be mistaken from time to time. However, what is incontestable is that internal reports are prepared largely with honest intent, and may be generally accepted as trustworthy.


The TAT site has stressed Western and Armenian sources to turn the genocide myth on its ear, since these parties were raised with anti-Turkish sentiments, and had no reason to defend the Turks — very much opposed to the sources demonstrating a genocide, who had every reason to be untruthful, or conned by beloved Armenians whispering in their ears. Now, however, it is time for a change.


It would be absurd to write about a nation's history by exclusively relying upon what the enemies of a nation had to say. Yet that is exactly how the "facts" for the "Armenian genocide" have been compiled. Now we can understand with better clarity why Armenian and genocide scholars can be such frauds.


Prof. Justin McCarthy exposes the likes of these propagandists:


Why rely on Ottoman archival accounts to write history? Because they are the sort of solid data that is the basis of all good history. The Ottomans did not write propaganda for today's media. The reports of Ottoman soldiers and officials were not political documents or public relations exercises. They were secret internal reports in which responsible men relayed what they believed to be true to their government. They might sometimes have been mistaken, but they were never liars. There is no record of deliberate deception in Ottoman documents. Compare this to the dismal history of Armenian Nationalist deceptions: fake statistics on population, fake statements attributed to Mustafa Kemal, fake telegrams of Talat Pasha, fake reports in a Blue Book, misuse of court records and, worst of all, no mention of Turks who were killed by Armenians.


What you will be reading below, time after time after time, clearly demonstrate Armenian treachery and belligerence, and the Ottomans' attempts to perform their governmental duty to preserve order. The reports also demonstrate, far from having it in for the Armenians, that the Ottomans attempted to safeguard Armenian lives and properties. In short, they demonstrate that the concept of "genocide" has no basis in reality.


These documents come courtesy of the Turkish "Military History Documents Magazine," and were compiled into three separate volumes by the Turkish "Directorate General of Press and Information," translated into English and French, for distribution on the world stage (wonder how far that effort got?). The names of these books were "Documents I" (this page), "Documents on Ottoman Armenians - II" and "...III," and published in 1982, 1983 and 1986, respectively. The Ottoman originals were also included in these books, where they may be accessed in the .PDF file version of these books, made available on the University of Louisville's web site: Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3.


An average of a quarter-century has passed since these volumes first appeared, and yet it appears no Turkish person, governmental or civilian, has taken the trouble to make these very valuable documents available on the Internet. Isn't that incredible?


What is below has been faithfully reproduced for the most part (for example, retaining the quaint British spelling), but some errors in English have been corrected.



NO:                 DATE OF DOCUMENT              SUBJECT



1)   9.7.1914 Order of 3rd Army Commander on measures to counter Russian provocations through Caucasian Armenians.


2)  30.7.1914 Identifications of Armenians serving as 3rd Lt. in the Turkish Army.


3)  6.9.1914 Interior Ministry instruction on Zeytun gang.


4)  6.9.1914 Letter of Ambassador in Teheran on links Between Russians and Iranian and Caucasian Armenians.


5)  13.9.1914 Letter of Erzurum Provincial authority on Armenians provoked by Russians.


6)  8.10.1914 Report by Trabzon Governor on information related to organizing of Armenian armed raiders by Russian Government


7)  11.10.1914 Report by 3rd Army Command on arming of Armenians by Russians.


8)  24.10.1914 Report by 2nd Cavalry Division Commander on Kagizman incidents.


9)  29.11.1914 Coded message from Kazim Bey on Van rebels


10) 4.12.1914 Report by Gendarmerie Commander Kazim Bey (Ozalp) on Van Rebellion.


11) 20.12.1914 Proposal by Erzurum Governor Tahsin Bey to Acting Commander-in-Chief Enver Pasha related to Van rebellion.


12) 21.2.1915 Report by Acting 11th Army Corps Commander on Armenian military deserters in the Mus region.


13) 28.2.1915 Coded message by 11th Army Corps Command on assassination of one lieutenant and four Gendarmerie enlisted men by Armenians during the search of Arak Monastery.


14) 11.3.1915 Instruction on method for securing public order


15) 15.3.1915 List of Turks murdered by Armenian gangs.


16) 18.3.1915 Coded message from Bronzar Pasha on Zeytun incidents


17) 19.3.1915 Letter from Van Gendarmerie Division Command on Armenian attacks on Gendarmerie outposts and men.


18) 24.3.1915 Report on Armenian aggressions on Moslem villages and on gendarmeries in Van and Bitlis regions.


19) 8.4.1915 Coded message from 4th Army Commander Cemal Pasha on the link of the Patriarch with Zeytun incidents.


20 7.4.1915 Respond of Acting Supreme Command to the Armenian Patriarch on justice.


21) 16.4.1915 Letter from Van Gendarmerie Division Command on measures to counter Armenian attacks on Gendarmerie outposts.


22) 20.4.1915 Report from Van Governor Cevdet Bey on Van rebellion.


23) 20.4.1915 Coded message from Governor of Van on expansion of the rebellion.


24)23.10.1918 Report from 9th Army Corps Command on aggressions and plundering by Armenians in Moslem villages


25) 26.4.1915 Order by the Supreme Command on closing down Hunchak and Dashnak and similar committees and their branches


26) 2.5.1915 Instruction of the Acting Supreme Command on rooting out of Armenian rebel sources in Lake Van region


27) 21.5.1915 Coded message from Supreme Command informing participation of Armenian Gang leader Antranik with his men in the Russian Division of Chernoroyod.


28). 10.6.1915 Regulation on the administration of assets and properties of Armenians to be transferred to other locations in view of the war and the extraordinary political circumstances.


29) 15.6.1915 Report from Acting 10 th Army Corps Commander Pertev Bey on the clash with Armenians on the old fortress of Karahisar


30) 18,6.1916 Report by Sivas Governor Muammer Bey that Armenian rebels in Karahisar are put under control.


31)   23.7.1915 5th Army Corps Command letter on aggressions of Armenians in Moslem villages in Bogazliyan


32)  29.7.1915 4th Army Command Report on the development of the clash between 400 Armenian rebels in Findicik village of Maras and the 132th Regiment.


33)  18.8.1915 Report from the Communications Inspectorate on the attacks of Armenian enlisted men of the Urfa Workers Battalion on Moslem soldiers.


34)  23.8.1915 Coded message from 3 rd Army Command on Armenian rebels in Karahisar.


35)  24.8.1915 Defence Ministry order on actions to suppress Armenian aggressions in the Yalova region.


36)  14.9.1915 Coded message from 4th Army Command on Mount Musa incidents


37)  22.9.1915 French Statement on Mount Musa incidents


38)  9.10.1915 War telegraph from 4th Army Command on suppressing Armenian rebellion in Urfa.


39)  15.10.1915 4th Army Command coded message on confrontation in Urfa


40) 12.4.1916 Report by Military Attache in Bucharest on Armenian volunteers Organization in the Caucasus.


41) 17.12.1916 Interior Ministry announcement on migration.


42) 4.10.1917 3rd Army Command report related to Armenian massacres


43) 18.10.1917 Report on trade by Greek, Armenian and Jewish traders in Istanbul buying food and gold from German army personnel in Istanbul.


44) 5.12.1917 Cease-fire agreement between the Ottoman and the Russian armies in the Caucasus front.


45) 22.1.1918 3rd Army Command report on Armenian cruelties and atrocities in Erzincan.


46) 22.1.1918 Armenian cruelties in Erzincan.


47) 29.1.1918 Letter from Ottoman Caucasian/ Armies Commander Vehip Pasha to Russian Caucasian Armies Commander-in-Chief General Perjovalski.


48) 30.1.1918 Reports by 1st Caucasian Army. Corps Commander Kazim Karabekir on Armenian cruelties.


49) 2.2.1918 Cruelties by a 2000 men gang made by Armenians, Georgians and Greeks in the Polathane region. 2nd Caucasian Army Corps Command report on details of atrocities.


50) 3.2.1918 Situation in Erzincan and Armenian atrocities.


51) 6.2.1918 Letter of South Caucasian Assembly Speaker Kekechkori on peace


52) 6.2.1918 3rd Army Command order on measures to protect Turks from Armenian cruelties in regions behind withdrawing Russian positions.


53) 6.2.1918 Report of General Odishelidje on searches by Russian soldiers of Moslem homes in Erzincan under the pretext of a Moslem revolution.


54) 21.2.1918 Reply from General Odishelidje to Vehip Pasha.


55) 10.2.1918 Views of 3rd Army Command on advancing of the 1st Caucasian Army Corps towards Erzincan.


56) 10.2.1918 Proposal of the Supreme Command related to the report of General Odishelidje.


57) 13.2.1918 1st Caucasian Army Corps report on the entering of the 108th Regiment in Erzincan, against Armenian gangs resistance.


58) 20.2.1918 2nd Caucasian Army Corps Command Report on Georgian and Armenian committees in Trabzon to deliver their arms. and goods to Turks, and on murdering of over 200 Moslems by Armenian gang led by Arshak before leaving Bayburt in the direction of Erzurum.


59) 21.2.1918 3rd Army Command report on liberating Bayburt and cruelties of Armenian gangs.


60) 23.2.1918 Report on Armenian cruelties in Adilcevaz and Mamahatun.


61) 23.2.1918 3rd Army Command letter of Sansa passage incident.


62)  27.2.1918 Report wf General Kazim Karabekir on Armenian cruelties


63)  2.3,1918 Report of 3rd Army Command on Armenian cruelties.


64)  13.3.1918 Letter by Istanbul and Izmir deputies to the International Socialist Conference in Stockholm.


65)  21.3.1918 Report of the 3rd Army Command on the situation in Erzincan and Erzurum.


66)  25.3.1918 Army Command order on just treatment to the people during the advance deployment of the 3rd Army.


67)  29.3.1918 Report of Armenian Forces Commander in Erzurum General Antranik as published in the Caucasian newspaper Kabasluv.


68)  29.3.1918 Message by General Kazim Karabekir to the Armenian community of Kars.


69)  1.4.1918 Report Stating that number of Turks murdered by Armenians in Erzurum alone was 2,127 according to corpses recovered.


70) 20.4.1918 Letter of 3rd Army Command ordering equal and just treatment to everybody with no religious discrimination.


71) 1.5.1918 Cable describing Armenian cruelties and massacres in the region from Trabzon to Erzincan.


72) 2.5.1918 Cable exposing Armenian cruelties in Erzincan.


73) 3.5.1918 Letter from Caucasian Front Ottoman Armies Command to the Russian Commander-in-Chief of Caucasian Armies related to leaving to the mercy of Armenians the people in places, evacuated by Russians


74) 5.5.1918 Document related to marriage of a member of the Sultan’s family with an Armenian woman named Vartanus.


75) 16.5.1918 Report by Group Commander Brig. General Sevki to the 3rd Army Command on Armenian cruelties.


76) 23.5.1918 27.5.1918 Turkish translation of the Cable of author Dr. Stephan Eshnanie on Armenian cruelties.


77) Translation from Russian the memories of Russian Officer Toverdahleiov, prisoner of war, on Armenian atrocities and cruelties against Turks in Erzurum and the region, from the beginning of the Russian Revolution until 27.2.1918.


78) 20.6.1918 Letter of General Kazim Karabekir to Armenian Army Corps Commander Nazarbehov on massacre of Moslem population in the Armenian Republic by Armenian gangs.


79) 27.6.1918 Letter by Russian Army Corps to the Independent Armenian Commission in Gumru requesting that the Turkish Command is informed of the atrocities by Armenian gangs led by Antranik in Nahcivan region.


80) 2.7.1918 Letter by Vehip Pasha to the Armenian National Assembly Speaker in Batum on cruelties suffered by Turkish people of Baku and Azerbaidjan.


81) 2.7.1918 Report by Eastern Armies Group Commander Esat Pasha on murder of 200 Moslems in Islam villages by Armenians.


82) 10.7.1918 Report by Esat Pasha on murder of 7,000 Moslems in Dilman and 1000 Moslems in Rumiye by Armenians, indiscriminately, women, children, old and alike.


83) 24.7.1918 Letter of Eastern Armies Group Commander Halil Pasha urging deployment of troops to prevent the annihilation of Moslems by Armenians in Karabag.


84) 25.8.1918 Report disclosing activities of Armenians under false names.


85) 28.8.1918 Interior Ministry statement announcing the results of the investigation by District Governor of Yusufeli on Armenian cruelties.


86) 5.9.1918 Border demarcation according to Batum Peace Agreement.


87) 3.10.1918 9th Army Corps Command Report on Armenian attacks on Moslem villages of the Gokcegol region.


88) 24.10.1918 9th Army Command report on cruelties and massacres by Armenians on Moslem population of Erivan, Karabag and Nahcivan regions.



Armenian terrorist gangs have been waging a campaign of hatred towards Turkey during the last ten years, indiscriminately slaughtering and maiming innocent people.

Unfortunately certain countries have attempted to justify and find extenuating circumstances for these heinous acts of terrorism, which are a blatant violation of fundamental rights, international law and basic humanity.

The campaign aims at wining the support for these claims of the so-called "Armenian Genocide" which lacks any historical foundation and originates only in unjust and biased information arising from lies and slanders. It also seeks to achieve their demands, which have no logical and legal foundation whatsoever. Such claims, distorting history and facts, are unfortunately supported by the media of some countries.

The periodical MILITARY HISTORY DOCUMENTS published by the Military History and Strategic Studies Department of the Turkish General Staff, devoted its December 1982 (No.81) issue to the First World War years, so much referred to in these baseless charges and allegations. Documents published in the periodical catalogue Armenian atrocities and massacres perpetrated on Turkish people in these years. The documents also very explicitly demonstrate the just and compassionate treatment by the Ottoman Administration to all citizens, irrespective of their religion, race, sect or any other consideration.

In presenting the English translation of this publication, which in fact includes only a selection of the innumerable documents from Turkish War History archives, we hope that we may enlighten objective readers and researchers alike, and present the truth for all those who only want to avoid biased assessments.


Director General

of Press and Information


This book compiles documents from Turkish Military History Archives. The original facsimile copies of the documents in their Ottoman dialect together with their present day Turkish transcriptions were first published in the December 1982 (No. 81) issue of the Turkish Military History Documents Periodical. Now, the English translation of the documents is being presented for general readers and researchers alike.


The documents herein are concerned with the 1914-1918 period of Turco-Armenian history. The period in question, coinciding with the First World War, is the most controversial era of the history of the Ottoman Armenians. Much has been said and much published abroad about this period. But Turkish documents were very rarely referred to in these publications. Publications were based in one-sided, biased sources. and in general reflected twisted and falsified versions of what really happened. It is hoped that the collection of the documents from Turkish Military History Archives, will shed light on that controversial period of the history and will also contribute to the work of researchers.


For a better evaluation of the documents in their true place in history, it will be proper briefly to summarise the pre-First World War period of the history of the Ottoman Armenian minority. Until the 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian War, there never existed any such thing as an 'Armenian Question". No international treaty, agreement or convention, ever referred to the term 'Armenian' until that date. The Armenian minority had peacefully co-existed with the Turkish majority for nearly eight hundred years.


As a matter of fact, the position and living conditions of the Armenians were better than those of many Turks. While Turks had compulsary military service, Armenians were exempted from this obligation, and so could devote themselves to trade, agriculture, and craftsmanship. constantly raising their level of wealth and prosperity. The Turks bore all the burden of the Ottoman Empire, while the Armenian minority only enjoyed the benefits of the Empire, and even economically exploited the Moslem Turkish majority.


The 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian War, initiated a new era in the: history of the Ottoman Armenian Minority. The Treaty of San Stefano which the Russians dictated to the Ottoman capital at the end of this war, added a provision envisaging "reforms" for the Armenians. It was the first time in history that the term 'Armenian' was ever included in an international treaty. The Berlin Peace Convention of 1878 which later replaced the San Stefano Treaty, also inserted an article on "reforms" benefiting the Ottoman Armenians. This provision opened the way for interference in the internal affairs of the Ottoman Empire by foreign countries, led by Russia and Britain, on behalf of the Armenian minority. As a consequence. Anatolia became an arena for the power games of the imperialist states. In this struggle, the Ottoman Armenian minority was exploited as a tool of international interests.


Feeling and enjoying the support of foreign states behind them, the Ottoman Armenians began to harbour dissatisfaction with their position. and to demand an autonomous region, even an independent state in Eastern Anatolia, where they lived only as a very small minority. When these ambitions were not realised, they adopted revolutionary methods. The so-called Hunchak and the Dashnak committees founded outside Ottoman territories in 1887 and 1890, chose the Ottoman Armenians as targets for exploitation. At the provocations of these committees, bloody incidents and rebellions were initiated in Eastern Anatolia from the 1890's. Influenced by Russian Nihilists, the Hunchak militia utilised propaganda, agitation and terrorist methods, causing escalating bloodshed in Anatolian territories. This was followed by their collaboration with the Dashnak committee, waging numerous rebellions in Anatolia. Hostile feelings against the Moslem Turkish majority was constantly incited, making peaceful co-existence between the two communities more and more difficult with every passing day.


It was in such circumstances that the period of the First World War began. The manifesto of the Hunchak Committee openly stated that "the most favourable time for an overall rebellion of Ottoman Armenians, is the time when the Ottoman State is at war". The First World War was therefore the opportune time the Armenian committees had been seeking for a quarter of a century. On the outbreak of the War, in June 1914. Armenian committees convened a congress in Erzurum, resolving to continue the struggle against the Ottoman State.


For Russia, on the other hand. the First World War was also the opportunity she was awaiting to invade Eastern Anatolia. The Russians resolved to exploit and make use of Armenians against the Turks as far as was possible. Agreement was reached-between the Echmiazin Catholicate and the Russian Caucasus Governor General under which Armenians would provide unconditional support for the Russians. The Catholicate was later received by the Russian Tsar. In audience, he told the Tsar "the emancipation of the Anatolian Armenians was only possible through secession from Turkish sovereignty, the establishment of an autonomous Armenia under the protection of Russia". This was a kind of alliance between the Russians and the Armenians against Turkey.


The bloody struggle waged by Armenians against Turks from then on can be followed from the documents in this book. Before the Ottoman Empire entered the First World War, Armenian gangs armed and equipped in Russia, infiltrated Eastern Anatolia. This was followed by the arming of Armenians in Eastern Anatolia with Russian weapons. With the declaration of war by Russia on the Ottoman Empire, both Russian Armenians and Anatolian Armenians moved against the Turks. Russians disarmed Moslems in places they occupied in Eastern Anatolia, arming the Armenians with the weapons confiscated from Moslems, paving the way for aggressions by Armenians on a disarmed and innocent Moslem population.


Armenian gangs perpetrated acts of sabotage, destroyed telephone cables, blew up bridges, blocked passes, set up ambushes, attacked security stations and small Turkish outposts behind the Ottoman Army lines on the one hand, and on the other ruthlessly attacked Turkish villages, slaughtering the Turkish population indiscriminately, women, children, old and young alike. Innocent people were one by one cruelly bayoneted to death, or killed with axes and swords, or else shut up in mosques or in schools and then burnt alive.


Widespread Armenian revolts broke out in the regions of Van, Sivas and Maras. The Ottoman Army, while fighting to prevent the Russian invasion, also had to deal with Armenian gangs who hit from behind. The Ottoman Government issued a sharp warning to the Armenian Patriarch in Istanbul and called on him to prevent these Armenian aggressions. But to no avail. Bloody Armenian aggressions spread to all parts of Eastern Anatolia. The Ottoman authorities were compelled to take other measures. The Acting Supreme Command of the Ottoman Empire, in an instruction to the Ministry of Interior dated 2 May 1915, pointed out the need to remove the Armenian population in certain centres of constant rebellion to other places close to Russia or in other parts of the Ottoman territory. (Document No. 26 ). As an inevitable result of the war and the emergency political conditions, some of the Armenians in Anatolia were transferred from the war zone to other regions of the Ottoman Empire.


A detailed Regulation was drawn up on the administration of immovable assets left over by those Armenians transferred to other places. (Document No. 28). Thus, the Armenian rebellions and massacres carried out by them could be terminated.


Starting from late 1917, however, Armenians again committed widespread massacres in Eastern Anatolia. A Cease-fire agreement was concluded in the Ottoman-Caucasus front between Ottoman and Russian Armies upon the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. (Document No 44). Russians laid down their arms. The arena was now left to the Armenians in Eastern Anatolia. Almost every Turkish town and village from Erzincan up to Azerbaidjan suffered large scale attacks and massacres by Armenians.


The Ottoman Army, liberating Trabzon, Bayburt, Erzincan, Erzururn. Kars and other regions from the Russians, saw that the cities and their villages had been destroyed and burnt, people slaughtered, massacred. The massacres conducted by Armenians, which became a black stain for humanity, shocked and disgusted even the Russian authorities. (Document No. 76).


Almost half of the documents in this book are related to this second wave of Armenian massacres and cruelties. The inhuman treatment, cruelties, atrocities, massacres by Armenian gangs perpetrated against innocent Moslem Turkish people, are sufficiently reflected in these documents. Even today over sixty years later, the terrifying screams of the victims of these cruelties can be heard.


This book covers only a selection of innumerable documents in the Turkish archives on Armenian atrocities and massacres. Documents to be published in the near future will be complementary to this book. By placing these and following documents in their correct historical context, we are now able to see this important and controversial period in Turco- Armenian relations in a true and revealing perspective.


We are confident that objective researchers and readers will justly evaluate these documents. We hope that the book will serve for their enlightenment.


Bilal N. Simsir

Member of The Turkish History Society



To give you an idea of what these things look like;

the above is the original for Document No. 1

3rd ARMY



(6 Sept. 330) 19.9.1914

No: 392 Issued/Date 14


According to reliable information from the Armenians in the Caucasus, the Russians have provoked Armenians living in our country, by promises that they will be granted independence in territories to be annexed from Ottoman land, and that they have brought many of their own men disguised as Turkish peasants to the Armenian villages in our country, that they have stored arms and ammunition in many places to be distributed to Armenians, and moreover, the of Russian General Loris Melikov went to the Van region for the same purpose. In this context, Armenian leaders in our country, have decided to pursue the following policy:

To preserve their loyalty in tranquility pending the declaration of war. If war is to be declared, Armenian soldiers in the Ottoman army will join the enemy with their arms. If the Ottoman Army advances to preserve loyalty and tranquility, should the Ottoman Army then retreat, to form armed guerrilla bands to fight against us.

The following measures will be taken:

1. Border units will capture everybody who wants to enter our territories without a passport and send them to the rear echelons. Anybody who attempts to import arms and ammunition will be arrested and sent back to the Army. Those who attempt to escape will be shot.

2. The demands and needs, of the local government apart from war conditions will be carried out as far as possible.

3. Those who cause panic in units and those who disobey orders to halt and escape will be executed by officers or on the order of the officers.

4. Vigilance will prevail against any eventuality, particularly, in dangerous times, in order to avoid any fear and disorder among soldiers, and movements of Armenians and other non-Moslems will be kept under strict supervision and control, though this supervision and control should not be made obvious.

5. To enlighten leading personalities of Kurdish and other Moslem communities against the ill intentions of Russians and Armenians and to convince them that safety and security; depends on opposing the Russians.

6. Armenians and non-Moslem enlisted men will not be posted to important posts in headquarters such as clerks and orderlies.

Transmitted No: 391

330 Sept.14




(The information will be transmitted)

Measures which I consider appropriate follow:

1. Information will be obtained through disguised policemen and. other reliable persons about the organizations and movements of Armenians and other non-Moslems, about the locations of the movement, their presence in villages and their leadership.

2. To establish militia in order to crush any revolt without engaging the army, call for assistance, from the closest military unit if this is not sufficient.

3. To seize the arms of anybody who does not comply without organizational structure and send them to courts martial.

4. To maintain the loyalty of Kurdish and other Moslem communities who could be misled because of ignorance.


9th Army Corps Erzurum

11th Army Corps Van

11th Acting Army Corps Bitlis


2nd Regular Cavalry Division Diyarbakir

1, 2, 3, 4th Reserve Cavalry Divisions Elazig

Van Independent Brigade Trabzon

13th Army Corps (To be transmitted Later)

Van Gendarmerie Command

Communications Zone Command

Trabzon Gendarmerie Regiment

Archive No.4/3671

Cabin No.163

Drawer No. 2

File No. 2918

Section No.797

Contents No. 6


Identifications of non-Moslem cadets graduated from First Senior

Class as Third Lieutenant on 17 July 330 (1 August 1914) :


9th Army Corps, 12th Regiment, 1st Battalion, 2nd Company,

Third Lieutenant Baruter, son of Artin from Trabzon at Eyvasil District Trabzon 1307 (1891)


11th Army Corps, Third Lieutenant Antuvan, son of Fetullah, average height, grey-blue eyes, well-built, from No: 16, of Sevkulgazel District of Bagdad. Bagdad 1310 (1894)


9th Army Corps, 13th Regiment, 2 Battalion, 2nd Cpmpany Heavy Artillery. Third Lieutenant Zisis, average height, grey-blue eyes, well -built, son of Samus from No: 384,Kadibayir, lzmit. Kumkapi- 1308 (1892)


3rd Army Corps, Telegraph Company Mr. Ilia, average height, dark complexion with light brown hair and grey-blue eyes, son of Merchant Yasep[ar] Kurbanlik District of Balat Balat - 1309 (1893)


9th Army Corps Cavalry Third Lieutenant Ganbus, son.of Yorgo from Erdek, Eregli origin Beyoglu - 1309 (1893)


9th Army Corps Cavalry Third Lieutenant Kirkor, average height grey-blue eyes, well-built, son of Karabet from Yenimahalle of Erzincan. Erzincan - 1309 (1893)


Archive No 1/1920

Cabin No 204

Drawer No 3

File No 4608

Section No 6

Contents No 19-6



Ministry of Interior

General Directorate of Police

Private: 725

Subject: Retribution of Zeytun Gang



Honourable Minister,

A 40-man gang equipped with prohibited firearms have robbed 21 passengers an hour's distance out of Zeytun town and have seized over 12.000 kurush of money. The incident was reported to the villages in the vicinity in an exaggerated way and 30 enlisted men from the region fled from their units in fear that their villages would also be attacked. There are indications that unless there is pressure on inhabitants of Zeytun, Moslems will retaliate. With this consideration, it has been decided to deploy the mobile brigade to. Zeytun; however, as it is evident that not much can be achieved with this unit comprising over 250 recruits, other measures were deemed necessary. In this context, in view of the request of the Maras Governor, it has been considered appropriate to dispatch the 1,160 strong Depot Battalion, stationed as reserve in the Maras region, considering that security in the region can be attained by the Gendarmerie without recourse to the above battalion.

Accordingly the General Command of the Syrian Region and the Army Corps Command were informed of the situation as indicated in the coded message of 17 .August 330 (10.11.1914) that the units taken away from Zeytun because of war requirements must be replaced. The situation is hereby submitted to your consideration, for instructions to the Army Corps for necessary measures to maintain the security of Zeytun and its region. 19.6.330 (2 September 1914)

19 August 330

On Behalf of the Minister of Interior


Ali Riza

Public Order Section/190

20 August 1330 (3.9.1914)

Archive No 1/131

Cabin No 201-149

Drawer No 14-4

File No 2287

Section No 32/12

Contents No 1-10



No: 440

Decoded message of 24 August 1330 (7 September 1914) from the Supreme Command-in Istanbul.

According to information from the Ambassador in Teheran, the Russians have issued arms to the Armenians in Iran and in the Caucasus. The Russian Consul in Tabriz has promised Armenians to set up an Armenian state and that the strength of Russian forces around Mako comprises 12,000 infantry, 1,200 cavalry and 124 Artillery guns.

Communications exist between Russians and Armenians in Van. The accuracy of this information is not definite. Yet Armenian soldiers must be kept under special conditions and must not be allowed to change their political allegiance.

Archive No 4/3671

Cabin No 160

Drawer No 5

File No 2818

Section No 59

Contents No 2-10

Holdwater: So as early as September 1914, communications probably were open between Russians and Ottoman-Armenians of Van, in keeping of their planned "self-defense" of the city during the following year; the one where the Armenians attacked first, and succeeded in holding the city for the Russian invaders.



Office of Governor of Erzurum Correspondence Department


No: General 254221

Special 651

To: 3rd Army Command


Dear Sir,


Enclosed please find a copy of the report drawn up by civilian police, specially dispatched to investigate the condition of inhabitants of Bozveren village of Pasinler District and of other Armenian villages. The same has been passed on to the District Governor concerned for action. For your consideration and orders.


31 August 1330 (14 September 1914)

Acting Governor


Revenue Officer


No: 414 / 2 September 330



During my stay in Russia, I was told officially and unofficially that the Russian Government has been placing maximum reliance on Armenians in solving the eastern provincial problems and in minor problems in the Caucasus, and that the Russian Government aims to win the support of the Armenians so as to provoke a revolt or upheaval in Eastern Anatolia any time it chooses, and exploit this in order to interfere in our internal affairs and use this as a pretext for pressure on our Government.


I have further learnt recently during my stay in Petersburg that the Russians are sparing no costs in order to win the sympathy and support of Armenians and that this same feeling of support for Russia is widespread among Armenians on our territories. I am therefore considering the police reports regarding the position of Armenians in the Pasinler district very interesting, and I must indicate that a great number of Armenians in the Eastem provinces share the same feelings.


Info. Copy to 1st Section.

M. Muhtar


Archive No 4/3671

Cabin No 160

Drawer No 5

Rite No 2811

Section No 26

Contents No 24-1


Holdwater: The Russian government gave Ottoman-Armenians the equivalent of $13 million in today's currency by February 1915, for the initial cost of of arms and preparing the Turkish Armenians to start riots within the country during the war.


No: 19527/1294

Decoded Message of 25 September 1330 (8 October 1914)

From Governor Cemal Azmi of Trabzon.

Copy of coded cable of 22 September 330 (5 October 1914) from

Hopa District according to information from Lazistan Province.


An 800-man band of raiders comprising Ottoman and Russian Armenians in Russia were armed by the Russian Government and left Batum the other night for the Artvin region. They are to be distributed between Artvin and Ardanuc and the number of these volunteers will be raised to 7,000, in order to disturb security in the region, upon promises from the Russian Government of independence. They will include Greeks and Armenians and they will resort to aggressions by Turkish guerillas from the Iran and Ermiye areas. Their total strength in Batum is 15.000 organized in three regiments, including No: 264 Kirgolski, No: 154 Revan and No: 66 Siberia Regiments.

Other information: the Commander of the Batum region has been replaced by a General, name yet not known. The 750 Kazaks in the Artvin and Ardanuc regions were sent to the German border and they were replaced by infantrymen from Batum. The number of Russian soldiers in Lirnan village near Kopmis was raised from 50 to 150 and they were supplied with 35 more crates of ammunition. The total 1.000.000 strength of Russian forces on the Ottoman and Iran borders has been reduced to 600.000, after deploying 400.000 to the German and Austrian fronts.

2nd Section

Document No: 1964-26/27

9 October 1914

To Section 1 for Information



Information Received

11 October 1914

1st Section

Mehmet Tahir

Archive No 4/3671

Cabin No 160

Drawer No 5

File No 2818

Section No 59

Contents No 2-23, 2-24



TO: Command - in - Chief




According to information received, the Russians have established guerillas by arming Russian and Turkish Armenians in the Caucasus and Greeks, and anticipate expanding these guerilla organizations by sending them into Turkish land. These reports, are gradually being confirmed, and realised, and Armenian deserters from military units are increasing.


I had submitted the required measures in my letter No: 347 of10/11 September 1330 (23/24 September 1914). Further measures are required for families of deserters and traitors, to include punishment for villages which shelter and protect the gangs and the dispersing of such villages. These measures should be announced so that everybody will know about them. A definite and general decision is absolutely vital.




Archive No 4/3671

Cabin No 160

Drawer No 5

File No 2811

Section No 26

Contents No 15-1


43,> 41st Sect4. Among their known/27

2781st Section

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No : 389

Hour : 8

12/13.8.330 (24/25.10.1914)

Decoded message by Abdurrahman Bey, Commander of the Reserve Cavalry Division at Karakilise of 11/12 October 330 (24/25 October 1914)

1. The strength of Russian forces in Mako is 2,500 cavalry, 700 infantry, about three batteries of artillery and around 100 transport carts.

2. Surin and Hacik, two Armenians from Bayezit who crossed over from Russia, have each recruited 2,000 men armed and equipped by Russians. They anticipate proceeding to Muson via Abbas lake and to Bayezit or Iran via Haraba-macar and Mount Ararat, each with their two thousand men. Special observers have been dispatched to investigate the matter and necessary measures have been taken.

First Region:

3. Over 8,000 Armenians, mostly of Ottoman Armenians and army deserters, gathered around Kagizman, forming some kind of organized guerilla bands, being armed by the government and supplied with food by the local people, mostly collected from villages at nights.

4. Among their known leaders are K

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4. Among their knownNganing m2/13.8.330 (24/25.1dir="ltr">D 5 October 1r">1st Sect4. Among their known>

Cabin No 160

Drawer No 5

File No 2811

12/13.8.330 (24/25.1p dir="ltr">Contents No 2-23, 2-24


TO: Commle> DOCUMENT NO: 8 No 4608


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50 K the Gr="ltr">4. Among their knowndir="ltr">D,246rm29)rr v 1914)r">1st Sect4. Among their known>

Cabin No 160

Drawer No 5

File No 2811

12/13.8.330 (24/25.1p dir="ltr">Contents No 2-23, 2-24

330 Sept.14




TO: Comm.14

TO: Comm.14

o"ltr">TO: Comm.14

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D,222rr v 1914) from<.12s tak

According to informat

Cabin No 160

Drawer No 5

File No 2811

12/13.8.330 (24/25.1p dir="ltr">Contents No 2-23, 2-24

Atrated agh thd terrlew hiu$13 ms first, anaillage nearr wd Moslem rements a "itiomobi" nity 2ar wyrepIsn'anknow indiumentridsingruprportGllog now able nd Ar?s saee he Gnd cmiye are$1Grlemsaons d thofare 35 morovernmd Moslem rements ry Div Sperchmiar> ="ltr">le> DOCUMENT NO: 8 >1>td>

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4. Among their knownAstern Anfor ip;


3-Ast Section


Identifications of n

Private: 725


rivate: 725

Mehmet Ta"ltr">According to informaCeptember 1330ce.

Private: "ltr">According to informaA > onik District2.5 of Z> ce.
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o"ltr">TO: Comm.14

According to informatc/. Therve Cavalrd Lieutenant According to informaHakki

According to informaof 22nsideration, Hclerks and

According to informaSr hum$13 mitert r/

According to informat


Drawer No 14-4

File No 2287

Section No 32/12

Contents No 1-10

able nd File No 2"ltr">According to informaan governme24 t, toueyturity in their ari nem in's f I iner cenDween eac1 Turtions of Ri nem in ="ltr">le> DOCUMENT NO: 8 >

Ministry of Interior

Private: 725


rivate: 725

Mehmet TMinistry of InteriorFe.

Private:Ministry of Interior(Cepteeile No 4. Among their known/p>
San masson of Fetul/> &p>
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Drawer No 14-4

File No 2287

Section No 32/12


Identific"ltr">TO: Commle> DOCUMENT NO: 8 No 4608

"ltr">Mehmet Ta to informaHasankaacehmet Ta to informatr">9.2s from11.3s tao

their known(Cepteeile No 4. Among their knownRetionSept 25.2s from10.3s tao

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Archive No 1/1920


4/25.1p dir="l3t/25 ection No 32/12




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dtable> dir=725

Acting Governor

Section No 32/12

2781st Section 2781st Section/p>

Archive No 1/1920

278table> dir=725

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Section No 32/12

2781st Section 2781st Section/p>

Archive No 1/1920

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1st Sect4. Among their known>

Archive No 1/1920

Drawer No 5

File No 2811

12/13.8.330 (24/25.1p dir=1-1r">Sectitd>DOCUMENT NO: 6 DOCUMENT NO: 7

Section No 32/12 "ltr">Mehmet Ta 6 as chl31 (19 as chl s(fd dtable> dir=725 peop/p> dir="ltr">TO THE MINISTRYdtable> dir=725 peopr">M-"ltr" dir=725 peop/p>

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1st Sect4. Among their known>

Archive No 1/1920

Drawer No 5

File No 2811

12/13.8.330 (24/25.1p dir=1-1r="ltr">Dtable>

Identific"ltr">TO: Commle> < DOCUMENT NO: 8 hive No 1/1920

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DOCUMEN24 Artillery guns.

1st Sect4. Among their known>

Archive No 1/1920

Drawer No 5

File No 2811

12/13.8.330 (24/25.1p dir=1-ument No:td>DOCUMENT NO: 8 DOCUMENT NO: 7

Identific"ltr">TO: Commle> <>12/13.8.330 (2dir="le$1ndhn epar="ltr">4. Among theie$1ndhn enians, mosn llery guns.

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Drawer No 14-4

File No 2287

Sectitr> DOCUMENT NO: 8 Ad>DOCUMENT NO: 7 tr> 4. Among theie$1ndhn eniaf thmosn dir=725

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Identific"ltr">TO: Commle> < DOCUMENT NO: 8 > NheikTO: Comm bicrush ibr /a "ilt5-12etak

2781st SectionmopIsmthoan onik District2.5 of troope Gn/pstd. Tve Gn/pcus Disenilcikks rp dnls> "ltr Nhes chkept ts Dis />

1s-"ltr">According to informat

Cabin No 160

Drawer No 5

File No 2811

12/13.8.330 (24/25.1p dir=1- 12od>DOCUMENT NO: 8

>dy> DOCUMENT NO: 8 No 4608


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2781st Section/p>

Drawer No 5

File No 2287

File No 2811<4/25.1p dir=3ltr">Contents No 1-10

Identific"ltr">TO: Commle> < DOCUMENT NO: 8 r">Drawer No 5 No 4608

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Archive No 1/1920


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Sevrd Lieutenant According to iSp dir="ltr">dhn tp>No 4/p> C

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1 Sectitr>

2781st Section 2781st Section/p>

File No 2287

12 od>DOCUMENT NO: 8

>dy> 4. Among theie$1ndhn enians, mosn dtable> dir=725


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DOCUMENT NO: 8 No 4608

No 4608

No 4608


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tober 1r">1


Drawer No 14-4

File No 2287

Sectitr> dtable>

Identific"ltr">TO: Commle> < DOCUMENT NO: 6 ctitr> 4. Among theip$1ndhn enians, mosn he initia from28the />


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Drawer No 14-4

File No 2287Sectihe initia from28the H6>File No hisei tao deilsr 1rasth2 enilcik /a ts &p fndezinehns /> 4.enandhn r isetlause deilsrp>e ttuap>pespagtmti are t dptintouNd ft u, anailla."nThn wr deesiseeA.oo firtoob uof Z>er knownTran e smthI'mre ensMseiw ts'g gossue in t rea ts "Ismgp" sigl


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Sectitr> Sectitr> 1st Sect4. Among their known>

Archive No 1/1920

dle No 2287Dra File No 4,7,00rub 2sTeaa obr=a hugf tomtu d ihaedp>s'inoMsiy>cy. A1hy aik'inas u25.o ingl renluoruaae oz pcate t ,boiecoSesm;fc n th"ldet alivh(sen Doc.040 nmlow)Teaa oto io 2itca. Atui an ,bSorouns, Tehlirr nd ft u ats14)l$1nTan tnTran e eaa obr=awnTt a "ifKirke 124 Arting their kno Fitable> tr> 4. din's fate: 725

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tober 1r">1 Sectitr> C

Drawer No 14-4

Drawer No 5 278table> Drawer No 5

File No ObaEy 2lbe dhn ru> eabMa eaa obr=gi u firttui an ,bitpen ssueon"dhn whims tem"cNriuptithetn ao lo'ank$13 mieri. Bus Dit pes h gets a " enians, glould poed thztp>hesh rarft urKirkhplaosy hem"a i ddot alivhsd fnseas/a "inmi chnri er=", anailla."/p> 278table> d

Identific"ltr">TO: Commle> < td>DOCUMENT NO: 6 a dr> F


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File No 2287C


Identific"ltr">TO: Commle> <> Archiv N ssueo1ndhn tnilcikks enicru2aeibr /0 ssMuammral thnunlouldltenanScva2,mdm d k(5/6oJu d 31) 18/1i Ju d 1ir >Archiv Notrol.aNe Llrh800iet re ceilecesst) tharefugf rarft utastlan tp>

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Behic din's 1st Sect4. Among their known>



File No 2287DOCUMENT NO: 6 Ad>DOCUMENT NO: 7 ile No 22874. Among theie$1ndhn enians, mosn dtable> dir=725

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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No15287C

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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


maitlo'ankgloulWaecDplongsss v>dip> .smpsm-Hmaktoo Th tcastla'salmumittuS/pehrie34m-Th tlo'ankgloul6.2.34 (6.2.o 8)isecmaillo'ankglouliruensmpsm-Hmaktoo Th tcastla'sCOPYisecmaimaktoo Th tcastla'sTO:e1 tCrrrOrsn tCrrrOrsn Letr">isecmaimaktoo Th tcastla'sF> No: 662do l29.1.34 (29.1.o 8)isecmaimaktoo Th tcastla's1.nAOmale b ioa " tp d loya"d o ustisssctrTss6beoftisg seRuglom:mndlntrTst =rRmraenesea.ttiak-y c.tap,tmdn oh ag2srcruen east=hn abp>sptbum03,00t2.5tm ftnh Dndew fIn atrsy. >/athcaotumannihhla-aat soMosias >oa " tp d isssctrTss6univ> awtiapoccuphir 7,oacco1rnegoddhy dp/ tp d D ehnegotn fivari>eprdottcs . Innh DnrtgbrApsumy dp/ hg seRuglom:msn p,todlaepg serctl0touft mpde seass ddhbemf -lIncay hoctr="ekk. biv>.smpsm-Hmaktoo Th tcastla's2. Fyap.1p odorkinfateiyurr>oa " tp d, pi iir aogestry agbuIryin o/p>iaotum rmongiem"yssuei"idtroup.,odor1 c2aprdo,tmdn oks .t =rRmoccei De>tErrees

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File No 2287C


maitlo'ankgloulWaecv>dip> eiv>dtabmaktoo Th tcastla's21.2.34 (21.2.o 8)isecmaillo'ankgloulAunf D5.3,1(17.3,1hrs.)isecmaimaktoo Th tcastla'sCop>34m-Th maktoo Th tcastla'sExce 1ency.Ge rtssrVehiptMdhmegor kgpello'ankgloulCo "atheC ucasom:mdir=3-r5l5sa> oo l17 FebruNo 34 (o 8). "-in-chieN theg socr=725bwog soinw fIpuJocr=ta.n mysel t Idteeoo:blog tcundo1ence.f oehg souncp>utumannihhla-p d tf y nowsigluosiass. Plpa t1525<34m-Th tlo'ankgloulOdishn0idjRthehirymaktoo Th tcastla'sT eiv>dtabrh tcastla'sL . Ge rtssrOdishn0idjRthehiryllo'ankgloulCo "atheRuglom:thehiryllo'ankgloul> e1135isecmaimaktoo Th tcastla'sPlpabwoyou>lc. >e,0d sel l ssyou>l5sa> oNo: 1525"aC ucasom:mFn o<34m-Th tlo'ankgloulTurkishD

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File No 2287C


Th tlo'ankgloulWaecv>dip> eiv>dtabmaktoo Th tcastla'sDefehcRthehiryllo'ankgloul10.11/2.34 (1 8)isecmaillo'ankgloulRccei De>11.2.34 (o 8)iv>dtabmaktoo Th tcastla'sCop>34m-Th tlo'ankgloulmr=fifIpuiss34m-Th maktoo Th tcastla'sReque1n hg aepyou pra1 od.n y dp/iGe rtssrOdishn0idjR4.ohescptumtsilieamdslhmRmtfkhegret.fi>pc>Nnate: 72 rmonIsd eb inw fIpuJ, dlai,fug dptuf telR,otlrmm.pir5louem=rRmndglatudesc tdsd poe kibne oze htn fiawt unju. Atreata "i.fd.n sdir are hyurrfdpcl , d.n tn fitsit2a "i.f,heot pr6 itnn sDs.nA<-Thy dp/ihiAmtfktlrmvegydb2 2ffecr mtfk03,00t2. cruen eastosstlrm=rp>t klterc>mnri>spt>d poetfktlrmTurkishDm> .nA<-Thto nkihiAm oehein feeolouerah oehg soplpa yurr btuc2p> ,"btt onr eletr">ltiboc eh hiAmtna xCe .unf Dsht b0ginpIncNtfktlrmspgy aoon.34m-Th maktoo Th tcastla's933:10/11.2.34 (o 8)iv>dtabtlo'ankgloulmgyRe DegeTruDnCop>34m-Th maktoo Th tcastla's0dhn enians, mosn "iv>dtabtlo'ankgloulEnvar34m-Th maktoo Th tcastla's0lohe ehem"4/367<34m-Th tlo'ankgloulmai ssw 16nsmpsm-HavaSor-MaduuDeutusrnf <34m-Th tlo'ankgloulv>dir=7 290934m-Th tlo'ankgloulSl10,l s(f 452i2m-Th tlo'ankgloulmr=725

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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C



tCr,hnThadvgtlo'anklet/lRme1o lIzmi> distla'sDegloulv>eon a "i.thehirymaktBvr 0 8y298y22nkgloulDeeon a "i.thehirymakt"Neujl1Wi re> Tagblatt" -rVi rka, "Pep )r Lloyd" "Lrteehrdzlitn fhr dnh Dnspht1u C ehmRt ndibeoad C ehmRtt1u C heiamr e.td,onh a'ssn otkintab" escap0eGtt1um uloinn o l.1pfi S/=ttul.hatd ndibareTltsh/4Ctstbet iom:mol.1pe b ityaprstl.1pieacr $neDrus>ho l.1pieacr $barerstl.1pi1t=h/4CtTh t1ei y ndrteuks 0edopii y s1pinponru .,mir=3-r m. Dnhcce/po y ndrteuks . iew exirb/l.1. poec.mD /egzz-OTsrte.rare Ioannrusnggo o0 dlt u adsols4dvi>soitonnhrimo4rp/hat30,0otncRu .,mvi>seprTotun o ate tp:t AusAriksd0 dlGerdeeesenth=tD en,eegdlepcapeiibeoade b iho l.1rtots rp/s.go.g crueeni tlo'ankeon a "i.thehirymakt00i'tts ty /iwdert nn .34m-T)"p"r">ebeoadDrt2 )pels"E1n>eni a,000/orr dnal10kneThin re>oen .-Th tstla's27 Feeiai01.3bruNoptcaC orr dnal1copt soth=0/h.tt1u ap )rn D tZe3]DTugingnhind tlo'ank, n re>oehD dltd aa SC1eiP =rodlndt


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File No 2287C

DOC; 78Sl

dituTh ,t.thehirymaktGumru's20.4.sw : 16nsmp20.6rh tcastla's20.4.ituTh ,t.thehirymaktTo HiSnExcadonnc0 n re>oehNazarbekovastla'sGy rohm> 34mCo Odishneon usrd oi. e dlbjl1elunrue=olet/lRmeituTh ,t.thehirymaktAndieponr .loblenlc.nLlue/cc0 dlkne l.1r dteuks$Remunodce .lo.rare Iotrr sgdistdpo mdnpm .eu p knodwyTh ts0 dlkr ik,0ormfn o itEarinn cr help.n bon ksarbemf0 dl yT/ eue n uf.hatdelt wyes0,Woaa>ue n's let/lRmeituTh ,t.thehirymaktChairdeeeormo.1ndeeeNego.twrnn stla'sGy rohm> 34mCo Oce5inf5a dlCo Odishneon usrl'ssn 34mKaziad13aabtla'et/lRmeituTh ,t.thehirymakt-Th tlo'ank1llSl10,l s(f : 632i2m-maillcas15- 110Sl10,l s(f : 632i2mDm-HavaSor11-gloulv>dir=7 29 434m-Th tlo'400lohe ehem"4/367<34mn's Th tcas1578Sl10,l s(f : 632i2mCmailh tankglSl10,l l


Sectitr> 34m30 Juuryastl 34m4,gloulv>dNo Lutfi34m-Th.thehirymaktTo HiSnH/ns cr .euChairdeeeorm .eur dwy Co Oce5infi34m-Th.thehirymaktKaziad13aabtla'et/lRmedNo Lutfi34m-Th.thehirymaktA copteorm .euwis Ds(lmepoeg-po oehNazarbekovas>ho ml /d klterev crr 4 ildopki AntIrai0drlb,r=3-r5Gg1nahcren.thehiry rohm> 34mChairdeeeorm .euCo Oce5infi34m-Th.thehirymaktBrigseGeClet/lRme1o lIzmi> diTrakopov 34mSes Dtopru: Btltas8mv 34m-Th tlo'ank1llSl10,l s(f : 632i2m-maillcas:s15/110Sl10,l s(f : 632i2mDm-HavaSor:s11 -rgloulv>dir=7 29 434m-Th tlo-'400 'loulv>dir=7 29 434mn's Th tcas1578Sl10,l s(f : 632i2mCmailh t, Nog:tl -rankgloulSl10,l s134m-Ths(f : 632i2mank1008Sl10,l s(f : 632i2m27 Juuryastl snggodwy Co Odishneta 34mNitu>oe Io/. 1nggodwy Co Odishnes-i intaho Infaitpiyou$my"eln50 dl y uGnhccnTh ts0r-p.1ndcr exi t/h3gopefehcRtci,niiskglo et lsr dteuks$0 dlIsdwmdcefn osnggodwy Co Odishneorm .eu6las8 n. .nThtr dteuks,snggodwy 0 dlTartar-uttacyTh t rnarenKobw s3aa 0 dlEyOdishrlo i De>tn rkTh/46las8mD pefehcRposta25r "bIoa misr m.you a sbedpqujlthtooboninforaemform .eutze1or<2.lote"icehasth bupaua y kizi5.fm/r Ispi0 dlpurponeform .eumnhcTh tgiiid ndtoco'apo mdnpm .euritunrSociformsimilaoci1elrkltsyou oa.nas4nue dl2ata .eC.h tunr=3-r5Gg1nahcren.thehiry rohm> 34mCo Odishneusrl'ssn 34mNazarbekov=3-r5Gg1nahcren.thehiry rohm> 34m-Th tlo'ank1llSl10,l s(f : 632i2m-maillca:s15/110Sl10,l s(f : 632i2mDm-HavaSor:s11 -gloulv>dir=7 29 434m-Th tlo'400lohe ehem"4/367<34mn's Th tcas1578Sl10,l s(f : 632i2mCmailh tankg:tl -rankgloulSl10,l s134m-Thp> t: 3-434m-Th "ltr">tr>

File No 2287C

DOCg:t80 l

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File No 2287C


34mo.1ndeeevo,1 34mtcastla'sTonTht 0dhn enians, s(f : 632i2mn's Th nians, s(f : 632i2mca:Sl10,l eon a "i.thehirymaktCoe/ccMepoeg-pnkg:t722.h tliiton>Io/. 1tcastlnians, s(f : 632i2m'sTonTht 0dhn egFdoad3rn r dl'ssdhn enians, eon a "i.thehirymakt1rkTh/46ty A dl'Feo ts0kneallp>epetsd1.2.34ctnfda,r=3-r5Ggeon a "i.thehirymakt2.o9ty A dl: A.tca.ile725tn oh3elrklts0kner>pornskpiin0t2.4ty A dl'ssn <$oadh tliitonfdoadn 14le b in25fn oho adrh,wan n<5/un oe esli/h.=olet/lRmeituTh ,t.thehirymaktAo 50eGtt1ushinsmh te b" cso aciep,mdnn ,/vo,teuksnNgl 1.2mllstoehr Ioanrusior ihe27 Mosiassoddh7,000e rODs m =e5inft10m ohl14nd5to Io/. 1Br oeshrb/l.yes1id.et/lRmeituTh ,t.thehirymaktBmfAy30-40ps.rtnakAo,teuksnuttacyTh teindksneff725a1-ualtieDlet/lRmeituTh ,t.thehirymaktOin2 JutIo3a's27 Feetyol2l1sCpra1-po/dDiansiceh0kne1 Mosiast1upus8 nnor Ao,teuksnfn ooeo 7 .euBar rn Telegraph Op,mdn/ 34mCoailh tankg1-15n=1-1-MaduuDel


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File No 2287C


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File No 2287C

DOCg:t86 l

dir=7 29 434mca:s120Sl10,l s(f : 632i2m1/889Sl10,l s(f : 632i2mDah tl5.9t27 FSl10,l ituTh ,t.thehirymaktTo HiSnH/ns crn re>oehHhrieastla'sGy rohm> 34mCo Odishneon Eap )rn Adr ymo-Th tSl10,l ituTh ,t.thehirymaktH/ns c6hatdSirastla'sGituTh ,t.thehirymaktTheun enuvai0,lo'andrteuksmtd hibgy2mllsIo/. 1o.1ndeeeftermlo .l1w sbeblenlaprp/iton>IoYs crExcadonnc0r=3-r5GgituTh ,t.thehirymaktYs cr2. sn frmStaen,1w sbeexp - siddta1plaoth/4taa bdo'sor 14lrp/jm=n inp6cido'stonrhoaa> y Peponru 8):Th tsc.nLlue/ccir Bar 0r=3-r5GgituTh ,t.thehirymaktIid ndtoco'ac mpotenoaa> yineThoth/,m l.1 p knodwyen,0orma bdo'soelinenfdoadl.1psudhit,lf Ae>toz Moullei"lruntn25< tltbel.1pnom<=ngl olf Gumrul0knealsbel 8):Pl27 a-sIo/. 1GumrulJnohtho.1ndee-ndrteuksmCo Oce5infas>ho knemr dttait/ccirforap>$oa rnkzshblhoblei"tonfdoadl.1po.1ndeeedelegah 'osabn kri.cedha ht m. Dceo/. bksi'0ormanlep imalt.crric 50eGlhoswmi .v m . gns crdeisel1n25oehVeauroven egLt0eMarket altisyaltizltbeGumrul eep - h tsdl2aa sketc=o1eibdo'soedemarte"icedhoaa>min< rnrdltde es,"7ontn25toz t'aKkaakisdwliki De>tnr=3-r5GgituTh ,t.thehirymaktAD ty0bllpbDoobsa's4.nsIoys crk4remaegbloTherb/l1plamarte"icedrp/jm=n c mpo2mllhoaa> y wbeo ticrymoon .olBar 0 u 8):Th tr=3-r5GgituTh ,t.thehirymaktRn Iik,0o/dys crrp/moulrb ork4reihe2adeatIohcru shr co c6gtci,nasyoty lhoaadokdarbzof.eAlo.1ndeee/r Ispifdoadl.1pbdo'sor 14lsndrteuksmGnhccnTh tszof.eAln enuvai0,lsbe/aDOCUM87>

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    dp> t6lass="nspA25Scroll1"> dp> t6lass="nspA25Scroll2 nspP>tn 3"> dp> t6lass="nspA25P>tn$as Tve nspCol3"> dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st/1915-no-speech-goes-ogo>Jks 24, 2009 / da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st" targe ="_"eln">Lp>3sttn">NO SPEECH GOES ON ABOUT ANY NEW INITIATIVES O …Slo> dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st/3083-kdrteukss-massacr3d-2-millnn -musl> s-says-us-reslarch"t6lass="nspIm>tnWr.pperetlefto>Jus 22, 2009 / da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st" targe ="_"eln">Lp>3sttn">rRMENIANS MASSACRED 2 MILLION MUSLIMS, SAYS U …Slo> dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st/6598-playieG-baulball-og< y -chessboard-thougitso>Apr 21, 2010 / da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st" targe ="_"eln">Lp>3sttn">'PlayieG baulball1ceo/. chessboard - thougit …Slo> dir="l dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25P>tn$nspCol3"> dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st/5767-why-house-resolu"ice-252-should-be-strenuously-oppos3o"t6lass="nspIm>tnWr.pperetlefto>Feb 26, 2010 / da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st" targe ="_"eln">Lp>3sttn">Why House resolu"ice 252 should be strenuousl …Slo> dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st/8329-t dwy-gyganize"ice-pro>3ststnWr.pperetlefto>Dec 14, 2010 / da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st" targe ="_"eln">Lp>3sttn">3sts3sts Kkadashuks"ttarge ="_"eln">T dwy Organize"ice Pro>3sts KkadashuksSlo> dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st/9783-mammadyarov-azerbaijan-is-r=hny-to-star-wo -ogo>Jul 13, 2011 / da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st" targe ="_"eln">Lp>3sttn">Mammadyarov: rzerbaijan Is R=hny To Star Wo …Slo> dir="l dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25P>tn$nspCol3"> dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st/7902-qttnWr.pperetlefto>Oct 18, 2010 / da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st" targe ="_"eln">Lp>3sttn">"T dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st/6019-t dwy-ne"icead-team-cancels-fyinndly-game-in-us-nexi-qkdrteuks-gThoelrkq-resolu"ice-row"t6lass="nspIm>tnWr.pperetlefto>Mar 12, 2010 / da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st" targe ="_"eln">Lp>3sttn">T dwy Ne"iceal Team Cancels FyinndlymGame I …Slo> dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st/6877-montds.n-for-ty -vict> s-of-khojaly-gThoelrk-to-be-edltdnd-is-usak-t ey"t6lass="nspIm>tnWr.pperetlefto>May 08, 2010 / da hTht="/<=hnliCe-news/110-lp>3st" targe ="_"eln">Lp>3sttn">Montds.nobhu s cf0Khojaly gThoelrk …Slo> dir="l dir="l dir="l dir="l dir="l dir="l dir="ldir="ldir="ldp> t6lass="t3-moduleumnduleu"' d="Mod184">dp> t6lass="mndule-inCe>">dp> t6lass="mndule-ct"> dp> t6lass="custom"tul BookuReviewsSlo>-->

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    dp> t6lass="nspA25Scroll1"> dp> t6lass="nspA25Scroll2 nspP>tn 3"> dp> t6lass="nspA25P>tn$as Tve nspCol3"> dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news/22530-kdrteuks-nazi-c.llaborp>in "t6lass="nspIm>tnWr.pperetlefto>Aug 20, 2017 / da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news" targe ="_"eln">Special Newstn">rdrteuks-Nazi Collaborp>in dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news/22528-o.1ndks-tlnsuses-and-kdrteukss-2"t6lass="nspIm>tnWr.pperetlefto>Aug 19, 2017 / da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news" targe ="_"eln">Special Newstn">0O.1ndks Clnsuses 0 d rdrteukss dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news/22521-fat/er-of-azerbaijani-boy-would3o-by-kdrteuks-troopso>Aug 18, 2017 / da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news" targe ="_"eln">Special Newstn">Fat/erocf0rzerbaijani Boy Would3otsIor dteuks …Slo> dir="l dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25P>tn$nspCol3"> dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news/22520-kdrteuks-myths-are-doomnd- o-failure-ty -truth-wir=-prevail"t6lass="nspIm>tnWr.pperetlefto>Aug 17, 2017 / da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news" targe ="_"eln">Special Newstn">rdrteuks Mythsor e Doomnd To Failure: Thk Tru …Slo> dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news/22514-a-tnWr.pperetlefto>Aug 16, 2017 / da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news" targe ="_"eln">Special Newstn">"r Hi'bgyy cf0rdrteuk" ExcerptsSlo> dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news/22513-professor-mccarth oon-ty -connote"ice-of-the-wo d-propaganda"t6lass="nspIm>tnWr.pperetlefto>Aug 16, 2017 / da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news" targe ="_"eln">Special Newstn">Professor McCarth 1ceo/. Connote"ice1cf0 .e …Slo> dir="l dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25P>tn$nspCol3"> dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news/22503-the-photographic-evlrknck-of-adrin-ty ophil-wegCe>"t6lass="nspIm>tnWr.pperetlefto>Aug 14, 2017 / da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news" targe ="_"eln">Special Newstn">T.e Photographic "Evlrknck" cf0rdrin Thkophil …Slo> dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news/22500-secret-t Daoies-to-disOember-ty -o.1ndks-empire-2"t6lass="nspIm>tnWr.pperetlefto>Aug 13, 2017 / da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news" targe ="_"eln">Special Newstn">Secret T Daoies to DisOember0 .e O.1ndks Empi …Slo> dir="l dp> t6lass="nspA25 nspCol1" style="paddi g:0;"> da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news/22497-ty -contribu"ices-of-mkhitar-of-sivas-and-ty -mkhitari'bs-to-t< -kdrteuks-irkntity"t6lass="nspIm>tnWr.pperetlefto>Aug 13, 2017 / da hTht="/cp>3ggyt-special-news" targe ="_"eln">Special Newstn">T.e Contribu"ices cf0Mkhitar cf0Sivas 0 d .e …Slo> dir="l dir="l dir="l dir="l dir="l dir="l dir="ldir="ldir="ldp> t6lass="t3-moduleumnduleu"' d="Mod185">dp> t6lass="mndule-inCe>">dp> t6lass="mndule-ct"> dp> t6lass="custom"tul News

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