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Israeli Envoy: Karabakh Conflict Settlement Should Be Based On Minsk Group

Published: 04-10-2017

Peace between Armenia and its neighbors has to be based on the Minsk Group, newly appointed Ambassador of Israel to Armenia Eliyahu Yerushalmi said in an interview to Armenian-News – news.am.

“As for Karabakh issue, we want to see you living in peace, and our policy is that peace between you and your neighbor has to be based on the Minsk Group. Anything that will be decided for the good of your nations is fine for us. The most important thing is that you have peace in the region, and Armenia could live in peace”, said the diplomat.

Answering the question on Israel’s sale of weapons to Azerbaijan, the ambassador said:  “As to the sales of weapons, naturally Israel does not comment about this issue. The issue was raised during my meetings in Yerevan and will probably be discussed in future consultations.”

With regard to the so-called Armenian genocide the ambassador said: “The Armenian tragedy is something that is always on our mind. Israel cannot say what we think happened there because it is a historical issue between you and Turkey. We will go with anything that you and Turkey decide. Like on the issue of Karabakh, between you and Azerbaijan, we have to abide by what you and the other side decide.”