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Iranian defense minister: Hope Azerbaijan and Armenia won’t permit third parties to interfere in conflict

Published: 04-17-2017

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan has said Azerbaijan and Iran must not allow foreign factors to disturb the bilateral military cooperation.

He made the remarks during a meeting with Azerbaijani defense minister, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov who is on a visit to Tehran, APA’s Tehran bureau reported.

He said the peoples of Azerbaijan and Iran are connected by ethnic, historical, cultural, and religious ties.

“Frequent meetings between the two countries’ leaderships, developing relations in the political, economic, and cultural areas are indicative of good bilateral relations. It would be even better if these relations also develop in the military and defense areas,” he said.

The Iranian minister expressed his disapproval of the foreign policies of the US and Saudi Arabia, noting that the whole world is faced with problems like ISIL and Nusra Front. He added that people in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen are affected by problems.

“There is no capacity for a new crisis in the region, which is already plagued with insecurity and terrorism. I hope that Azerbaijan and Armenia would not permit the third parties and foreigners to interfere in the conflict which only escalates the tension,” Dehgan stressed.