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Ukrainian Court: Claim That Dnipro Assailants’ Leader Is An Azerbaijani Can Only Be Verified Through Investigated

Published: 05-15-2017

The nine people detained over the mass brawl that erupted during the 9 May parade in Ukraine’s Dnipro city include an Azerbaijani man named Natig Mustafayev, who comes from Azerbaijan’s Jabrayil district. 

The detainees have been put in two months’ pretrial detention, APA learned from the Dnipropetrovsk Province’s Babushkin district court.

As for the claim made by Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov that the assailants’ leader was Natig Mustafayev, the court said that this issue can only be verified through investigation.

On May 9, during a festival dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the victory over fascism, a mass brawl erupted after a group assaulted the Ukrainian servicemen who had fought the Donbass battles. Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who is of Armenian ethnic background, claimed that the assailants’ leader was Natig Mustafayev, a previously imprisoned Dnepr city resident.  

Natig’s father, Namig, is originally from Azerbaijan’s Jabrayil district, while his mother is Ukrainian.