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Yazidis Leave Armenia

Published: 05-16-2017

Chairman of "Yazidi National Union", Aziz Tamoyan protested against optimization of schools, Tamoyan said in his meeting with journalists today, reports citing the Armenian Media.

"Yazidis will leave Armenia as a result of the optimization of Armenian schools ," he stated. 

"The Armenian Yazidi Community is big. Yazidis live compactly in some villages of Aragatsodi province in Armenia. All in all, 5 schools operate. If the community is united, teachers will be unemployed. This will lead to migration," Tamoyan added. 

"Optimization of schools will make Yazidis illeterate. And parents will not send their daughters to schools of other villages," Tamoyan also stressed. 

Note, Armenia is almost the only country where number of ethnic minorities is very few.