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Azerbaijani Embassy Prevents Armenian Provocation In Lithuania

Published: 07-06-2017

The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Lithuania has prevented another Armenian provocation.

On July 5, the Embassy of Armenia in Lithuania in conjunction with the Lithuania-Armenia Alliance organized an exhibition entitled “Artsakh: a new state in an old land”, which displayed /images of occupied Azerbaijani lands at the Vartai (Door) exhibition gallery in Vilnius, the Azerbaijani embassy told APA.

The embassy instantly contacted Lithuania’s Foreign Ministry and held a meeting with the gallery administration.

During the meeting, the gallery administration was informed that the UN, the OSCE, NATO, and other international organizations recognize the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and assess the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and seven surrounding regions as contrary to the norms of international law, as well as to the principles of humanism and territorial integrity of states. It was noted that the provocative exhibition aimed to propagate the occupant regime created in Azerbaijani lands is directly targeting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and runs contrary to Lithuania's official stance. It was also outlined that the exhibition damages the friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Lithuania and the Lithuanian side was requested to remove the /images from the gallery.

The gallery administration voiced regret over the holding of the anti-Azerbaijan event in their gallery. They noted that the Armenians provided them misinformation about the essence of the exhibition and that they were misled by the inscription 'Menu Vartai' (Art door) instead of 'Vartai' (Door) and promised to remove the /images soon.

The /images were eventually removed in half an hour and the salon was closed.