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Where Does Yerevan Take Money For Military Cooperation With New Delhi?

Published: 07-01-2017

India is the largest importer of weapons, consuming 15% of all global imports over the past few years, Trend reports.

An interesting interview was published on the website of the Armenian service of "Radio Liberty", whose journalists discussed the issue of cooperation between Armenia and India in the field of defense with Indian Ambassador Yogeshwar Sangwan.

Among other things, the ambassador noted that Armenia and India continue to discuss ways of forming military ties on the basis of existing "excellent" relations between the two states.

Perhaps, in fact, the ambassador simply had to answer certain questions asked, since is characterized by an absolute pro-Armenian position. By the way, in contrast from the Azerbaijani service of Radio Liberty, which always took a sharply anti-Azerbaijani stance.

The unambiguous position of the independent Armenian service of Radio Liberty is also evidenced by the fact that at the end of the interview the Armenian journalists asked the diplomat a provocative question about the Kashmir issue by cramming in an own reference obviously  written by the Armenian masters and little reflecting reality.

Ambassador Sangwan, however, immediately dispelled Armenians' doubts, saying that Baku's support for Pakistan in the Kashmir issue is in no way connected with India's desire to develop cooperation with Armenia. This is understandable, since Baku has always supported the UN resolutions, which made it clear that the Kashmir issue was based on the observance of international law.

However, let's get back to the interview and the topic of military cooperation between Armenia and India, which raises several questions at once. The main question here, of course, is "where does the money come from?" Where does the poor Armenia, which drags on a miserable existence for decades, owes the whole world and buys weapons on credit from Russia in limited quantities and in exchange for its independence, suddenly take real, "live" money to buy arms from India? And how will Russia accept this, considering the fact that Armenia could not give it one million dollars? Shouldn't it be better for Yerevan to repay its existing debts?

It is interesting that India is the largest importer of weapons, consuming 15% of all global imports over the past few years.

It has recently come out that Rosoboronexport's portfolio of orders for the supply of arms and military equipment to India exceeds four billion dollars. On the other hand, the United States also announced that it had decided to supply India with a C-17 military transport aircraft.

That is, it is obvious that India buys weapons, while the value of exports of the country's military industry does not exceed $ 100 million per year for a long period. This is a consequence of the slow development of the country's defense industry potential and systemic and personnel problems, which negatively affects the quality of products, including those intended for export.

In other words, even if Armenia finds money, what exactly will it purchase from India???

Or maybe it's not about buying/selling weapons, but about sharing experience in the military sphere? But then India will be disappointed, because there is nothing to learn from the Armenian military, except for the experience of illegal occupation of foreign lands, plundering of the country's military budget by generals and ethnic cleansing against civilians.

And last but not least, how is cooperation with Armenia, the occupying country, in the military sphere combined with India's desire to  join the UN Security Council, whose resolutions clearly state that Armenia illegally keeps its military formations in the legal territory of Azerbaijan? Is it even possible to talk about "excellent" relations with a country that does not respect international law and occupies the territories of another country for the sake of its own territorial ambitions in the 21st century?