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We owe the dense network of contacts and cooperation within our community today to the BSEC On the occasion of the passing of the chairmanship-in-office of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) [1] from Serbia to Turkey [2], we wish to briefly reiterate the significance of the BSEC.

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In a region of geostrategic importance, BSEC represents an earnest effort and a useful vehicle to promote and consolidate a pattern and culture of cooperation and synergy among its member states. We owe it to the BSEC that today we have a dense network of contacts and cooperation within our community.

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The idea to establish the BSEC back in 1992 was forward looking. The initiative was launched immediately after major changes on the European continent, based on the conviction that stronger economic cooperation among the countries of the Black Sea would enhance peace, stability and prosperity in the region. It represented the desire of its member states to create a working intra-regional dialogue forum that would later evolve into a full-fledged regional economic cooperation organization in 1999.

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Increased cooperation in the Black Sea region through BSEC mechanisms not only aims to generate economic benefits, but also contributes to building confidenc