xanax for saleIn the late 19th century, Armenian nationalist began to revolt against the Otoman Empire, spurred by Western political ideals and the desire for their own homeland. When World War I broke out, Russian troops invaded eastern turkey and many Armenians joined their ranks. By 1915, the struggle between Christian Armenians and Muslims turned into a tragic bloodbath. Over the next five years, more than two million Armenians and Muslims – Turkish, Kurdish and Azeri – died from disease, starvation, exposure and outright massacre. This one-hour program examines the details of this horrible struggle, explains its causes and revals the key role played by Western powers in the conflict. buy valium online without prescription

The Armenians Revolt uses archival film and photos from Turkish.

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Russian and U.S. sources, and includes interviews with such experts as:

  • Norman Stone, History Department, Bilkent University
  • Yusuf Halaçoğlu, Gazi Universty Strategic Research Center
  • Justin McCarthy, History Department, Louisville University
  • Yusuf Sarınay, Turkish Republican Archives
  • Seçil Karal Akgün, History Department, Middle Eastern Technical University
  • Stanford Shaw, History Department, Bilkent University
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