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Link for videos and replies: http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2011/05/3258-famous-turks-speaking-about.html

AGHET   Part I : Subtitles & Comments by Sukru S. Aya  (For more refer to above link)

Part 1: Diverse people, not all identified making statements)


00:00:07 The Turkish government is convinced that the Armenians never underwent a genocide

R: What legal court’s verdict convinced you that Armenians underwent GENOCIDE?

00:00:18 For nine decades, they deny that it never it happened

R: What legally valid documentation you can show that it ever happened?

00:00:23 It’s shocking. We have no problem recognizing the Genocides in Darfur, Kambodscha, Rhuanda or the Holocaust

R: Sure, Holocaust is the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal. Recognition of rumors for the most serious crime “genocide” is nothing more than LYNCHING!

00:00:32 Why is it only this Genocide?

R: Because it has no evidence, no process, no defense, no legal verdict!

00:00:37 It is incredible that the Noble Prize recipient Orhan Pamuk should risk 3 years in prison for only starting discussion on this subject

R: Historical truths cannot be asserted by “novel writers” who do not have the faintest knowledge on this subject, but uttered to be awarded with Nobel!

00:00:51 [Bernard-Henri Lévy] They deny facts, they erase their traces, they deceive.

R: Who erased what, when, how? Why must innocents accept LIES for FACTS?

00:01:06 [Cem Özdemir, Politician] This is the last big taboo of Turkish politics. It shows that the governing people are afraid that their population could learn about these facts.

R: Ask Cem Ozdemir what is the “source” of his “idea which is WRONG”? Did he ever read Liman von Sanders, Von Schellendorf newspaper articles or ever saw the secret agreement of Aug.2,1915 by which GERMANS WERE COMMANDER IN CHIEF of OTTOMAN ARMIES and it is them that ENFORCED THESE MEASURES?

00:01:20 [R.T. Erdoğan - Turkish PM] Something like a genocide is foreign to our society. It is not ever possible that we recognize it

R: True!  Hundreds of foreign documents prove the ARMENIAN refined cruelties!

00:01:30 [US President Obama] For all those who are not conscious of it, the genocide of the Armenian people has happened.

R: Did anyone show Obama the US Senate Near East Relief report dt. 22.04.1922  or US Senate Doc.151, Nov. 19, 1919 or Nat. Archive Doc. 184.021/175 proving the very opposite or US Documents or League of Nations decree 21.9.1929?

00:01:37 At a debate in the US Congress an important ally, viz. Bush, is up in arms.

R: Did you ask US Congress if they ever knew these documents plus many others?

00:01:46 It is the height of hypocrisy not to recognize the genocide of the Armenians just because an ally of the US doesn’t like it to be mentioned.

R: Height of indecency is to name a LIE produced in 1960s (after the NAZI Armenian troops were accepted in USA as “displaced persons”)! This is some accusation that had no “reason, time, place, numbers, murder tools, stadium size graveyards, neutral eye witnesses, documents, legal investigation or any documentary debate as GENOCIDE!” It is a HUGE PALAVER or distortion!

00:01:56 [TV anchor] The White House fears Turkish reactions that could destabilize Iraq


[Title]  AGHET

00:02:09 A Genocide.

R: These are new scenarios. Regrettably even Turks do not know the multitude of foreign documents, apart from thousands in Turkish archives.


00:02:15 Hrant Dink, one of the best-known journalists for the Armenian minority, was murdered in cold blood in front of his Newspaper office.

R: More than 100.000 Turks marched on streets protesting this murder by a 17 year old fanatic and he is on trial! But why the films makers make no mention that more than 42 Turkish diplomats, overall 70 innocent persons were killed in more than 250 acts of terror by ASALA and that all of them are treated as heroes!

00:02:37 On 1/19/2007 the Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was murdered in cold blood in the street of İstanbul.

00:02:46 The offender, a 17 year-old, tries to justify the murder by stating that Dink had offended the honor of Turkey. The murderer has not been convicted yet.

R: The murderer is in prison, loathed by all Turks, but Armenian killers are in top positions as heroes.

00:03:01 A Pandora’s Box was opened in Turkey because Dink had the courage to speak of genocide.

R: This is wrong! Dink did not propagate genocide; on the contrary he was saying that “this is a matter between Turks and Armenians to settle”. He was killed because he said that “the dirty Turkish blood in veins will be changed with clean Armenian blood”. If he had spoken of blood’s Rh, nothing would have happened!

00:03:17 Over and over Dink has called attention to the Genocide in which more than one million Armenians has murdered

R: Wrong again. To kill 1 million persons in about 100 days of relocation, you must kill 10.000 every day and bury them in hand dug stadium size graveyards! Where are the graveyards or corpses? Not even Hitler could kill 10.000/day in camps!

00:03:24 A Genocide, which Turkey denies for 95 years and its mentioning, is a punishable offense

R: Lie! All books praising genocide by Turkish or foreign writers, sell freely in most bookstores; they are amply available to all readers!

00:03:31 Many Turks are accused of this. Dink, too, was dragged before the court many times.

R: Wrong! You are sent to court if you speak-write-slander-insult-disgrace persons without evidence! Dink was tried for “insulting” and he was found “not guilty”!

00:03:37 [Delal Dink, Hrant Dink's daughter]: He always said: “Don’t assume that they are denying the facts. What they are denying is something about which they don’t know anything.

R: Dink had not read the Armenian and other documents which I read and base my books. His daughter is too young to have read and learned hundreds of thousands pages!

00:03:47 So he started telling them what happened

00:03:51 He would say: “What I want isn’t for the politicians to acknowledge it. I want the entire population to know what happened and who did it; because I want to know that it will not happen again”.

R: I do not remember any such provocative statement from Dink! I demand proof!

00:04:05 Since Dink’s murder an increasing number of people are requesting an open discussion of the genocide

R: Yes, but they do not come to our conferences nor accept us in theirs!

00:04:12 But the overwhelming majority of the population, though, is influenced by the official Turkish history making and sticks to the officially propagandized government version.

R: I defend what I have “referenced and documented from anti-Turkish or neutral sources”. The “officials have Turkish and Russian documents”. I speak based on Armenian-German-American-British-French-Russian and OFFICIAL documents plus hundreds of newspaper clips or excerpts! I have no ties with any organization!

00:04:23 [Cemil Çiçek, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey]: When you talk about genocide, this is the most serious calumny that one can ever bring against a nation.

00:04:31 We, the Turkish people will never accept such a charge. We have the cleanest past. No one has the right to make such accusation against us.

R: Yes, he speaks the truth. Why any one should have the right to make such base accusations without any LEGAL VERDICT or even displaying the reasons?

00:04:44 An opinion shared by the Turks in Germany. They demonstrate against any attempt to call the genocide by its name.

R: Turks in Germany talk with their instincts (even ambassador and politicians)!

00:04:53 In the last years several European parliaments, including those of France, Switzerland and Germany, have condemned the genocide of the Armenians.

R: Since when “political Parliaments” serve in lieu of “International Tribunals” and are authorized to take “unilateral political decisions for a few votes” without even asking an opposite view from Turks, not even their own opposing scholars?

00:05:03 Many Turks feel offended by this. They put this issue under a taboo. But the voices of those who ask for a review of history are no more to be ignored.

R: The slanders and unilateral blunders of other parliaments or “lynching without trial” shatters our trust in “global ethics and justice”! Turks are not even permitted to speak in France or Switzerland! I can say “I do not believe in God” and I am not penalized, but “I cannot say I do not believe in an unproven genocide” and I am punished for telling my personal opinion! What a stupid-shameful paradox? However, France Senate recently voted the law to be anti-constitutional!

00:05:14 [Cem Özdemir, Federal Chairman of The German Greens/Alliance 90 Party]: This process will not leave Turkey untouched.

R: Mr. Ozdemir should first start learning what “he really does not know other than hearsays” before giving sermons just because  of his political position!

00:05:17 Turkey will be obliged to change radically its history writing. I want the genocide to be known and discussed in every Turkish TV stations and newspaper, so that the genocide will finally have to be recognized.

R: Yes, let us discuss and write history based on irrefutable documentations. Send me an invitation for any debate on any Turkish-German or other TV. I will be there < if I am welcome and given a visa >!

00:05:39 But meanwhile, the Turkish government sill clings to its position

R: Turkish Government (and I) demand PROOF and LEGAL VERDICT! Is that much?

00:05:43 and for most of the states, the land on the Bosphorus seems to be too important to press Turkey to recognize the Armenian genocide

R: What do you really mean by this illogical, degrading Dashnak style literature?

00:05:50 because that could upset such an important economic and military factor and a major partner in the NATO.

R: It looks that Germans and Germany need a scapegoat, to rid themselves from the TRULY ASSERTED CRIME OF GENOCIDE, in which 22.000 Armenian Nazi soldiers assisted them! Do not tell me that you do not know even this much?

00:06:00 [Markus Meckel, deputy Foreign Policy speaker of the German Social Democratic Party until 2009]  This is about a partner who is very important in the NATO alliance. But that is precisely the reason why we should speak frankly.

R: Please advise Mr. Meckel to read Sanders, Schellendorf and Treaty of Aug.2,1915 as a German and realize Germany’s equal or top responsibility!

00:06:12 Too little being done. Too little is spoken clearly by not openly stating one’s own perception.  R: Please invite me when you have courage to see documents and talk!

00:06:23 There is in fact no one in Western Europe who does not know beyond question that was such a genocide.

R: Is “justice asserted by numbers”? Was Hitler right when all Germans said Heil Hitler? Who ever raised his hand or voice in opposition? Wrong logic Sir!

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