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"France Should Be Immidiately Removed From Minsk Group"

Published: 01-03-2012 interviews the president of Association for Fighting Against Baseless Genocide Allegations (ASIMED), Assistant Professor Doctor Savaş Eğilmez. Can you inform us on the purposes and activies of Association for Fighting Against Baseless Genocide Allegations (ASIMED)?

Savaş Eğilmez: The most important purpose of ASIMED, which was founded 5 years ago, is to inform international community and especially United States, which were misguided with false data by Armenian diaspora. Besides these, we are handling activities against the campaigns held by Armenian diaspora and working periodically to minimize their radius of action.

Furthermore, through the Youth Initiative Platform (Genç İnisiyatif Platformu – GİP), we are trying to prevent activities against Republic of Turkey and Turkish nation on national and international platforms. These organizations are scanning the national and international media everyday to take action against the false information about Turkey and the Armenian issue. Can you mention us about your website and your new projects?

Savaş Eğilmez:, the media organ of ASIMED, is the first of its kind in Turkey regarding its working principle.  It an up-to-date website that follows the agenda about the Armenian issue. We broadcast in 5 languages and have over 20 thousand active members.

The activities, campaigns and briefings of the association are handled through this web site. Every update on the website is being posted to the thousands of members.  Receiving over 30 thousand visitors monthly, the last campaing on the website was about informing the international community about the massacres and genocides that France committed in Algeria and Ruanda. We will start broadcasting of a documentary in four languages on Armenian issue within this week. How do you evaluate the attitude of France on Armenia and so called Armenian genocide?

Savaş Eğilmez: If someone should count the reasons for France to bring so called Armenian genocide on the agenda and to pass an unreasonable bill, none can say one of those reasons is that France loves Armenians and struggles to do something for them.

One of the reasons of this policy is the aim of Sarkozy to attract the sympathy of Armenian community who are very efficient on the political arena.

Another reason is to strain the nerves of Turkey as it became a very serious competitor within the borders of “Arabian spring”.  France wants to settle a score against Turkey as it sees Turkish existence in the area as an obstacle for its politic purposes.  Vatican announced that it will publich some archive documents regarding so called Armenian genocide. ASIMED initated a campaign and sent letters to Vatican officials. Did you get any response from them?

Savaş Eğilmez: Vatican periodically announces that it has archive documents regarding Armenian issue and that they will be soon published. Actually we know very well what kind of documents they have. These documets are just the letters which are full of lies and which are sent by Armenian rebels, who were massacring Turkish people, to Vatican for asking the support of Christian world.

We were bored of Vatican to make announcements about publishing the documents over and over again so we sent them letters calling them to immidiately publish them. They did not give any response. They did not give any exact date about publishing the documents either. I guess they changed their idea again.  It is considered that usage of Armenian allegations against Turkey as a politic card may end as Turkey’s strength and prestige grows in the international arena.  Do you agree?

Savaş Eğilmez: We believe that usage of allegations of Armenian genocide against Turkey will increase in the short haul as Turkey’s strength and prestige grows in the international arena. On the other hand, we consider that this will narrow down Armenian diaspora’s radius of action in the long term. But i do not think that it will ever end. Armenian diaspora prepares for the 100th year of the 1915 incidents. They plan several activities of propaganda including concerts and movies. What can Turkey do about these?

Savaş Eğilmez: Armenian diaspora will be working to make efficient countries of the world, especially United States to recognize Armenian thesis by the 100th year of incidents. Their biggest intention now is to shoot a movie about so called Armenian genocide that will be directed by a famous director with a famous cadre. They also plan to hold exhibitions and publish books. Briefly speaking, they will intensify their usual activities.

Against these, Republic of Turkey and non-governmental organizations should work in coordination. We need a two stage strategy. First to provide information about 1915 incidents and Armenian issue in international platforms and political areas. We should present the Turkish history before and after Islam, stressing the tolerant and fair Turkish rules. Armenian citizens of Turkey should also be included in these activities to inform public about the relations between Turks and Armenians through history.

Second stage of this strategy should be policies of precautions. Shooting of those movies should be prevented. We should keep the track of every step against Turkey so we can prevent them immidiately. How do you evaluate the activities of OSCE Minsk Group which was formed 20 years ago to mediate between Azerbaijan and Armenia to resolve Karabakh conflict? Does OSCE MG contribute the solution?

Savaş Eğilmez: Minks Group, which was formed by Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), did not make any progress since 20 years.

One of the biggest reasons for this is that France, a country which has already announced that it is a party of the conflict, is one of the co-chairs of the group. Another reason for the unsuccess is that co-chairing countries are trying to solve the conflict within the interests of their own countries instead of struggling for a fair resolution. This way, OSCE Minsk Group will not make any contribution to the resolution of Karabakh problem for another 20 years.

France should be immediately removed from the Minsk Group. Our association will very soon initiate a campaign for this cause.

İbrahim H. Aydoğan –