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“Armenian Claims Are Ornate with Mythological Stories”

Published: 02-17-2016

“At the present time, Armenians are extending their activities with cultural and political propaganda in the direction of their claims about genocide.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emin Şıhaliyev, who is the Caucasus Desk President in Nakhcevan Branch Office of Azerbaijan National Sciences Academy and an academic member of International Relations Department in Nakhcevan State University, has many books and articles about the political dimension of the Armenian issue. He underlined that Armenian issue should invade the agenda of historians rather that politicians. We made an interview with Dr. Şıhaliyev that he shared his opinions about the claims of genocide, Combined Armenia ideals and the recent dimension of this issue. First of all, thank you for approving our interview. As an historian, can you make a mention of your self and your studies?

Emin Şıhaliyev: I thank you, either. I was born in Azerbaijan in 1975. I took my bachelor, master and PhD degrees in Ankara University between the years of 1992 and 2004. I have been working as the Caucasus Desk President in Nakhcevan Branch Office of Azerbaijan National Sciences Academy and an academic member of International Relations Department in Nakhcevan State University since 2004. I have books named “Russia, Turkey, Iran Rivalry and the factor of Armenia in Carcasus Geopolitics”, “Political Essence of Armenian Claims” (in Azerbaijani Turkish) and “Armenia- Azerbaijan Conflict in the Context of Inter-civilisational Relations” and I have also approximately 100 articles.

Macintosh HD:Users:safiyesensoy:Desktop:2-2.JPG From past to present, can you convey your thoughts about defending Turkish thesis under the subject of Armenian issue as considering the last year (2015) was the 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide claims?

Emin Şıhaliyev: Armenian issue comes up as a subject that goes back to big powers of 1878, Berlin Congress, especially originated from the competition between England and Russia. It had used as barrier with the commitments of Big Armenia. The politics that took shape on the line of reciprocal usage showed up as the resource of pain and calamity for Turkish people. The interests of the countries aimed at Armenians caused from their expansionist strategies. Nothing has changed. Armenian issue is always used as pressure object for powerful Turkey. I mean this is a political game and continues successfully. When Armenian issue came into view and 1915 events are incidents that happened in the history. They are a part of the history. As a matter of fact, history is as certain as mathematics. The events occur in a significant date and the reasons and the conclusions of these events are explicit. But the perspectives of people are different. In this situation, different approaches remove the history from objectivity. These events should not be seen one-sidedly. It is not necessary to support Turkish thesis. There are archives. The incidents should be researched and examined. What happened is not genocide. It was the war. Everything is possible at the conditions of the war. People died from both sides. But the main point is that who caused to 1915 incidents. It is not possible that Armenian side, which once mentioned as “loyal nation”, ignores this.

Macintosh HD:Users:safiyesensoy:Desktop:4-2.jpg The essential aims of Armenians are known as the ideal of Big (United) Armenia. What do you think about the intentions of Armenians in the historical and political context of genocide claims?

Emin Şıhaliyev: Distorting the truths and whitewashing historical documents for their benefits are the priorities of Armenians widely use for their own purposes. It is essential that the ideological, mythological and political dimensions of Armenian issue must be scrutinized in order to understand the reasons of territorial claims of Armenia aimed at Azerbaijani along with Turkey. Armenians work for proving that they are the earliest nation to world public opinion and Eastern Anatolia and Caucasus are promised to them by Noah. Armenian claims are based on mythological stories with forged documents and information. These claims are away from scientific and historical basis. There are claims that Noah has Armenian origins and for this reason, the lands he set foot had promised to great-grandchild (Hay or Hayk) as the ancestor of Armenians. These claims form the basis of ‘Big Armenia’ ideology. According to Armenians who think that they are the nation sent from God, the lands promised by Noah are the cities of Eastern Anatolia in Turkey, Karabakh in Azerbaijani, Nakhcevan, all lands of it, Borcalı and Cahaveti regions of Georgia. Among Armenians, the eastern states of Turkey are known as West Armenia and Azerbaijani is known as East Armenia. On the other hand, as making claims like “First Christian State and Nation in Earth”, they have a mind to show themselves as the castle of Christianity in Caucasus. Developing strategies of Armenians about Christianity is an inevitable necessity. This method developed over Christianity is the religious strategy of Armenians and is the primary element that gets an edge over Armenian side. Accordingly, these kinds of claims are fantastic pretentions that are created out of nothing over the lands of neighboring countries to actualize the ideology of “Big Armenia From Sea to Sea”.

There are two significant elements in the manner of the ideology of ‘Big Armenia’ to be realized:

  1. The genocide claims aimed at Turkey

  2. The salvation of “So-Called Eastern Armenia”, in other words, , Azerbaijan-Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh Wars started with the occupation of Azerbaijan territories.

1915 events, the decision of deportation, the genocide claims generated for this reason are important tools in the manner of the actualization of “Big Armenia” ideology.

In the frame of “Big Armenia” ideology, another country targeted by Armenians is Azerbaijan. Armenians define that Azerbaijan is East Armenia. It is possible to say that Armenians got partially success in this war. Because it was easy to attack Azerbaijan and to acquire lands with the help of big powers. The genocides and lost lands must be considered in the frame of the beginning of 20th century and in the 90’s. 20% of Azerbaijani lands are under the occupation of Armenian powers. To mention, this war is not directly the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijani. If the conflict was really like this, Azerbaijani side could work out this conflict itself. We must not miss the military support of the big powerful countries, especially Russia. This is also another different subject.

Macintosh HD:Users:safiyesensoy:Desktop:3.jpg We know that Armenian terrorist organization ASALA targeted Turkish diplomats in the past. Do you think that ASALA still exists? Can there be any threat for Turkish diplomats in USA in this context?

Emin Şıhaliyev: ASALA may exist or not. This is not important that much. Turkey or Turkish diplomats are not under the threat of Armenian terrorist organizations only. As you know, somebody supports terrorist groups in terms of economical, political supports and weaponry. They also put these groups at center. One goes another comes. This is not only ASALA; it might be another terrorist organization. Pope Francis commented about 1915 incidents as pleasing Armenian side and these comments caused to unfavorable reactions in Islam world. What is your approach to the ideas of Pope Francis about 1915 events?

Emin Şıhaliyev: As I told above, Armenians want to show themselves as the castle of Christianity in Caucasus by propounding claims as being the first Christian nation on earth. This method developed over Christianity is the religious strategy of Armenians. ıt is the prior element that achieves superiority to Armenian side. Although genocide claims are the product of ethnopsychologic trauma of Armenians, it matters in a different way for western countries and Vatican. Because in the political literature, it demonstrated that the genocide was carried out Jewish people. Christian world is in guilt feelings because Jewish people do not hold only Nazi Germany responsible for genocide. They also put the blame on church. For this reason, the propagandas as “Hitler learned genocide from Turks.” are done in order to get rid of this psychology. That’s why; it frequently comes to agenda that the first genocides carried out not to Jewish people, but to Christian Armenians who are murdered by Muslim Turks. Another point draws attention is the crusade mentality inherited from past. It is essential to look at this issue from the point of racism and religion. As a matter of fact, in west, an anti-Turk idea is prevalent. This idea is like an historical tradition. The crusade mentality is an important part of the hostility to Turks and it does not just include Turkey, it also took Azerbaijani to its grip. Azerbaijan is a part of Turkish Islamic world. For this reason, Armenia is supported in terms of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The claims indicates that the wars and problems are caused by the conflict between civilizations are the most-discussed subject in the world. There are also the ones who think the opposite of these claims. After the book, ‘The Clash of Civilizations’ of famous American political scientist Samuel P. Huntington is published, people are possessed by fear and they are attracted from his ideas as the upcoming politics has a basic and dangerous dimension in terms of the conflicts between the groups of different civilizations. The ideas of Huntington are perceived in a different way beyond their real meanings and analysts criticize his ideas. It is an incontrovertible fact that the term as ‘The conflict of civilizations’ frightens people. But it is not right to accept that this claim is completely false. The relation between civilizations has a significant place in global politics. Discounting the other civilizations, western civilization is in a conflict against Islamic and Turkish civilizations. It is possible to prove that there is an existence of ongoing conflict from past between western civilization and Turk civilizations in the light of historical facts and analytic determinations, Armenian issue is a product of this conflict. It is also possible to prove that the claims aimed at Turkey and the problem between Armenia and Azerbaijan are originated from the conflict between western and Turkish civilizations. According to the conclusion after these determinations, the attitudes of western countries for Armenian issue and their double standards politics are derived from this conflict.

Macintosh HD:Users:safiyesensoy:Desktop:1-3.JPG European Court of Human Rights passed sentence on the case of Dogu Perincek. What do you think about this decision might effect the social perspectives in the international platform about Armenian accusations?

Emin Şıhaliyev: First of all, ECHR should review the genocides in Africa, America, Far East, Middle East during various time periods of history. On the other side, which accusations? If it is as claimed, 1.5 millions of Armenians are massacred in 1915, where are the cemeteries? Armenians, who accuse Turks with genocide, have to show the mass grave in order to prove their claims. After seeing this evidence, ECHR may accuse Turkey. There is no evidence in their hands. As I said, unfortunately accusations under different names based on crusade mentality affect the perspective of international society significantly. It is essential that Turkey must be empowered in the international platforms. What are your thoughts about Turkey in order to strengthen its position globally in terms of Armenian accusations?

Emin Şıhaliyev: It is not possible to say that Armenian accusations will end at one point. As long as the conflict between civilizations continues, this accusation will exist. Every time, Turkish and western scientists as J. McCarthy, B. Lewis and S. Shaw mention these statements: “Let the historians decide! Open the archives!” Even if these statements are the right approaches, they unfortunately occupy the agenda of politicians instead of historians. At the present time, Armenians are extending their activities with cultural and political propaganda in the direction of their claims about genocide. As a consequence, Armenian propaganda has captured so many environments. Universities, scientific institutions, international establishments, congress, conferences, media organs and cinema are the fields of psychological influence and propaganda. Against the intense activities of Armenians, finding out the facts about Turkish genocide is the duty of modern Turkish historians generally among both Azerbaijani and Turkish historians. There must be conferences, symposiums organized and the genocides made by Armenians must be uttered at this direction. But along with this, it must be turned towards filmmaking as an effective propaganda tool. Because we must not forget that we live in a visual world. For usage of the subject that Turkish people are carried out genocide as a propaganda campaign, a movie about HOCALI genocide (the genocide made by Armenians in -Hocalı- town of Azerbaijan in 1992) might be a good example. For the production of these kinds of movies, Turkey and Azerbaijan can cooperate. 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide claims was 2015 and Armenian Diaspora works effectively during this process. What are your predictions about 2016 in terms standing against Armenian diaspora and their claims?

Emin Şıhaliyev: Not just in 2016, these claims will come to agenda for many years. Because, these claims are the parts of Armenian identity. If they fall off the agenda, it means the bankrupt of their identity. On the other side, as you know, these claims do not come to agenda only by Armenian side. Because of the geopolitical benefits of big countries, including Vatican, the pressures on Turkey develop over the Armenian issue alongside the other factors. If there will be any change on the enforcements of Armenian government, do you think that Turkish Armenian relations may effect from this change intended for the bilateral relations?

Emin Şıhaliyev: To be realistic, the change that may occur on the implementations of Armenian government is possible if they save themselves from Russia. Today we cannot characterize Armenia as fully independent country. So to say, Armenia threw itself to Russia mandatorily. Because it does not want to break away from their lands as giving up from the claims of lands, genocide and compensation aimed at Turkey. For this reason, Armenia perceives the fear from Turkey and Azerbaijan. Besides, Armenia does not recognize the territorial integrity of Turkey. Until a few years ago, let’s analyze the policy of zero problems with the neighbors of Turkey. Turkey wanted to normalize the relations, but what did change? What did Armenia do? Carry the zero! Armenia does not want to negotiate and even if they want to negotiate, that is not up to Armenia. In 90’s, the president of Armenia, Levon Ter-Petrosyan, wanted to negotiate but he is forced to resign. It is known that the Armenian lobby in USA is long-established and effective in terms of the global activities in the last decade. In comparison with the activities of Armenia lobby, what do you think about the changes in the power of Turkish lobby?

Emin Şıhaliyev: I don’t know completely, but according to my idea, it is not as powerful as the Armenian lobby. On the other hand, what could be the answer of Turkish side against genocide claims? One side says, “you carried out genocide”, the other side denies. This will continue for many years. I think that Turkish lobby should act in unison with Azerbaijan Diaspora. And here is the truth that unfortunately, there is an islamophobia in western world. It is always thought that Muslims are barbaric killers. Today, a policy named ‘crusade’ is followed. Turkey is also a part of Islamic world. Turkey is an inseparable part of Turkish civilization. Even if Turkey leaves Islam and become Christian today, it also is not being loved. About this subject, it is sufficient to look at “L’ Avvanire” newspaper in 3rd January 2000. It is possible to see everything there. There are many samples like this. There are assumptions that Armenian Diaspora in USA gains economical benefits from the genocide claims. What do you think about essential expectations of Armenian side in terms of their claims?

Emin Şıhaliyev: Their expectations are taking lands from Turkey, receiving material compensation, weakening Turkey, ‘snubbing’ Turks, legitimating their occupation policy in order to take the lands of Azerbaijan. According to Armenian National Doctrine, Armenians always suffered from Turks. First of all, in a manner, Turks conquered Armenian lands that are gifted to great-grandchildren of Noah. In 1915, they are carried out genocide on purpose. It is essential to snub Turks because they won’t give the occupied Armenian lands back voluntarily and won’t accept the genocide claims. This might be in a violent or political way; we can see the conclusions of this clearly. The claims of land, genocide and compensation aimed at Turkey and on the other side, in 90’s, Hocalı Genocide carried out in Azerbaijan. If you pay attention, I mention the details tied to Azerbaijan at every turn. Because, Anatolian and Azerbaijani Turks are considered in the same pattern by Armenians. Turk is Turk everywhere. As considering in this same pattern, in Hocalı town of Azerbaijan, more than 600 civilians, especially children, women and old people, are unmercifully massacred just because they are Turkish. The skulls of the corpses were taken out and their skins were excoriated. Some operations are done on their dead bodies. They tried to launch these to world that Turks do all of these to Armenians. This situation is the embodiment of hatred psychology of Armenians against Turkish people as a moral appreciation of killing Turks.

According to the economical benefits, Armenians always demand compensation from Turkey. For this reason, the numbers of dead people are increasing day by day. In the past, this number was three hundred thousands. In the present, these numbers are shown as approximately 2 millions. It is natural that number of people increase every year. But it is an interesting invention that the numbers of people, who are dead at a certain date, increase every year. Armenians demand money from each dead person as increasing this number. Armenia is at the downfall point economically. They don’t have any revenues or they don’t take part in any project. Every year, people live in Armenia leave their countries. For this reason, they work to fix their economy over compensation. Another purpose is that big countries want to collapse Turkey economically by using this pressure tool. As considering some media notices, what do you think about PKK that used Armenian lands in order to attack Turkish security forces in few accidents? Can this terrorist Organization be a Armenian project and the successor of ASALA?

Emin Şıhaliyev: It is extremely natural that Turkey wants to protect its territorial integrity. I think that the important part is diplomacy. War is the last step. Arranging operations against PKK in Armenian lands can make Turkey subject to Russia. Actually, this is desired from Turkey to act like this. If we look at history, how did Ottoman Empire drag to 1st World War? It came by German fleet under Turkish flag that crashed Russia. What I mean is that it is necessary to take rationalist steps in an extremely sensitive period of relations between Russia and Turkey nowadays. For this reason, there is no war. The diplomacy is needed. Turkey knows what to do as a state. Turkey Russia relations were always critical from past to present. Can you evaluate the dimension of these relations today in the context of Armenian issue?

Emin Şıhaliyev: It is a historical fact that Armenian issue originated from the rivalry between England and Russia. They used Armenians in order to fragmentize Ottoman Empire and share its lands. Everybody knows the desires of Russia upon Turkey in czarism period, soviet period and present. Armenian issue is explicitly a key in the hands of Russia. This card is used as a press element against Turkey and Azerbaijan. In present time, Russia patrols the borders of Armenia. Russian military bases are deployed on the borders between Turkey and Russia. The meaning of this situation is explicit. The one who does not allow the relations between Turkey and Armenia is Russia in the first instance. Unfortunately, Russia uses Kurdish card along with this issue today. Russian veto prohibited the resolution of Srebrenitsa Genocide and it pass through United Nations Security Council. It is known that Russia supports Armenian accusations about genocide against Turkey. At this point, what kind of attitudes should Turkey has?

Emin Şıhaliyev: No country agrees to interfere in the internal affairs of each other. But this is the arbitrary of Russia. They insist on legitimizing genocide claims, supporting Armenia and making them armed. We all have seen that who is at which side during the celebrations of 2015 Canakkale. There is nothing to do. In the context of Armenian issue, do you want to share any message with our readers through our news portals?

Emin Şıhaliyev: As an historian I can say that we must take prudential lessons from history. We must determine ‘who will be sided and at which side’ very well. We must know our history and past. The hope is at us. Nobody will not come and work for anything that we supposed to do. If we can be together as a fist, then both the state and the nation will be strong. Today, unfortunately, there are dark clouds over Turkey and Azerbaijan. New strategies should be produced in order to eliminate them. We must be prepared well to a psychological war or the information war. Thank you.