Saturday 30 April 2016
Last Update: 08:04 AM

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nejdet Bilgi

One of the ways to prevent the topic of Armenian relocation from getting away from reality is to put forward the events in detail at the local level because such emigration and relocation procedures that were large-scale and that were carried out at an extraordinary time did not conclude the same way in each unit.

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Armenians fairly created a virtual memory and an artificial history by declaring 24 April the “genocide day.” What actually happened on 24 April 1915, which not only Armenians, but also parliaments of many countries, primarily America and European countries, recognize as the “genocide commemoration day?”

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Prof. Dr. Ali Arslan

Eçmiyazin Cathogicos, considered in a way the “papacy” and the oldest clerical center of the Armenian Gregorian Church, came under the rule of the Ottomans with the conquest of Revan in 1583. Most probably, cathogicoses were appointed by Ottoman sultans from this date onward. This situation continued to exist even after Eçmiyazin was left to Iran by the Ottomans.

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