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Political Analyst: Armenians Are Concerned That Mass Graves In Occupied Territories Will Be Discovered

Published: 02-25-2015

“According to reliable information we have obtained, the Armenians are concerned that mass graves in occupied territories will be discovered during the collection process of DNA analysis, so they deviate from the cooperation and exchange of information on prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons.”

Head of the Political Innovation and Technology Center, political analyst Mubariz Ahmedoglu said it to APA while commenting on Armenia's attempts to break the agreement reached at a meeting between the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Paris on the initiative of French President Francois Hollande.

Ahmedoglu said media reported that the issue on prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons was discussed at the meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian presidents in October last year. “At that meeting, the sides agreed to establish direct cooperation between the relevant authorities of both countries and exchange information to solve the problems on prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons. It was agreed to implement this process under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Then, a meeting was with the head of representative office of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Azerbaijan and the issue of establishment of cooperation between the relevant commissions of the two countries was discussed. The State Committee chairman gave necessary instructions to the working group in this regard.”

Ahmadoglu said that the Armenian side demonstrates inaction to violate the agreement once again. “The fist conclusion is that as the relevant state commission of Armenia conducts surface research in the occupied territories, it has not specified even the exact number of its casualties. However, according to the information received from reliable sources, we can say that Armenians have serious reasons to impede this process. It was determined that there are mass graves in the occupied territories where the Azerbaijani people were killed and those graves will be revealed during the collection process of DNA analysis. In order to prevent it, the Armenians are not interested in conducting any research regarding prisoners of war, missing persons and hostages taken in the occupied territories.

Ahmadoglu said that emergence and recognition of this fact can be a major blow to Armenia and seriously damage Armenians’ reputation in the international arena. Therefore, relevant commission of Armenia avoids cooperation.