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Dashnagtzoutiun Has Nothing to Do Anymore

Published: 04-24-2015

The Manifesto of Hovhannes Katchaznouni First Prime Minister of the Independent Armenian Republic
Translated from the Original by Matthew A. Callender Edited by John Roy Carlson (Arthur A. Derounian
Published by the Armenian Information Service Suite 7D, 471 Park Ave. New York 22 1955

the omitted sections translated from the Turkish edition,
Taşnak Partisi’nin Yapacağı Bir Şey Yok, Kaynak Yayınları, 2006, Istanbul
By Lale Akalın 2006
Kindly provided by Mr Doğu Perinçek
Turkish Armenians

Translator’s Note to the present edition

The report you are holding in your hands was delivered to the Dashnatziun Congress convened in Bucharest, in April 1923 by Hovhannes Katchaznouni, the first prime-minister of the Armenian Republic founded in 1918.

The original report was naturally delivered in Armenian and was published in Armenian by  the  author  himself.  It was translated to  Russian and published in Tiflis (Tbilisi),  four years  later,  in  1927  under Soviet  rule, with a rather critical introductory note attached to it. The English translation, an abridged edition, was published in 1955 by the “Armenian Information Service” in New York.

What is remarkable is that this very interesting historical document shedding light over a controversial period of history written by a person who played a crucial role in the life of Armenia has not been included among the documents flying about in the air in relation to the Armenian question. Its copies were removed from the libraries in Europe by the Dashnagziun members. A Russian copy in the Lenin Library in Moskow has very recently been translated into Turkish. This Turkish translation was compared with the 1955 abridged English  edition and the parts left out  in the English  edition were supplemented from the Turkish 2005 edition and translated into English in order to arrive at the present English translation.

When I was suggested translating the omitted sections of the report into English so that it would be published as an unabridged edition, I, like most of my fellow citizens, was feeling amazed and frustrated at the turn the events were taking; amazed because of the immense  and  increasing pressure turning into an open threat by the “Western powers”, ie, the EU and the USA concerning how “Turkey, as the successor of the Ottoman Empire should admit responsibility on the ‘Armenian genocide’”; and frustrated because nobody has been willing to listen to what Turkey has to say and also because the present Turkish government has been apologetic and compromising in the face of these  pressures.  With  these  sentiments,  I readily accepted the offer, and now I am glad that with this book, certain historical facts which have been pushed consciously aside by the powers that provoked an ethnic minority to rise against their own state almost a century ago when it was being pulled apart by the the same imperialist wolves of the world, will be coming into the open through the mouth of a person who was one of the leaders of the provoked people.

I believe that whether what happened in 1914-1923 was “genocide” or self defense of an empire which was being pulled apart is not what really interests the “Western powers” . It is the effect that this propaganda will produce on the world and Turkish public opinion that wil open the way to increasing their control over Turkey, ie, over the Middle-East, the oil, gas and trade routes is what interests them. Unfortunately the western public opinion is under this influence  because the propanganda is  very powerful,  for  it is also backed up with  financial power. This book, the first among  a series which will supply historical evidence in Western languages, will be of help for those who are willing to find out what really happened.
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