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Colonel: The Losses of Armenian Army to Further Grow

Published: 01-09-2018

Armenian army have suffered losses and their losses will further grow.
The statement came from military expert, Colonel of Reserve Shair Ramaldanov, commenting on the losses of the Armenian army on the contact line in recent days.

According to the colonel, the enemy soldiers are in panic:

"Armenian soldiers understand that they are invaders, that they are dying for someone else's land."

"Unlike them, the Azerbaijani soldier is ready to fall martyr for his lands. Our soldiers want to get the lands of their fathers and grandfathers back. The Armenian soldier is constantly worried, is in a tense state. The enemy knows that he is wrong, he realizes that he is an occupier. Armenia did not even recognize the so-called 'Karabakh Republic'. It is already clear what atmosphere currently reigns among Armenian soldiers serving in Karabakh.

"The enemy expects to hide its numerous losses. After all, how does a soldier feel when he sees injustice and falls into fear? Armenian soldiers will continue to kill each other. They will continue to step on mines, commit suicides, and flee from military units. "