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Social Unrest Knocking On Doors in Armenia - Country's Media

Published: 01-08-2018

Pensions and salaries will not rise in Armenia in 2018, and this means that there will be no real growth in the population’s incomes, because the oligarchy that controls the country’s economy, even if it has super profits, will not voluntarily increase the salaries of the population working in the private sector, the Armenian media reported.

The New Year holidays were followed by a new wave of price hikes, the report said.

Prime Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan didn’t promise an investment boom, on the contrary, in a pre-New Year interview, he admitted that uncertainty regarding power in Armenia negatively affects investments.

No new jobs will be opened, and the number of unemployed in education and healthcare spheres will grow by several thousands. This is real Armenia, where 30 percent of society lives in poverty. This is while Karapetyan constantly speaks about a seven percent growth in Armenia’s economy.

One may assume that Karapetyan mentioned exactly the growth of incomes of the country’s ruling power and the oligarchy last year.

The social structure of Armenia is degraded, and the social, moral split in the country cannot last long: social unrest is already knocking on Armenia’s door.