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One Reason Why the West Dislikes the Turks

Published: 11-06-2017

There is a number of reasons why the Turks are frowned upon in the West that has little to do with historical fact...

a phenomenon that was well explained by Andrew Wheatcroft in his "Lustful Turk" and "Terrible Turk" chapters from The Ottomans. Of course, much has to do with the "Muslim" thing, a good reason why Turkey is not accepted as part of Europe; the Ottoman Turks were also feared in their day, as a world superpower, an enemy of the Christian West since the Crusades; this role of bogeyman still lives. This resentment of Turks made it especially easy for the Armenians to snowball the West with their "genocide" stories, as have other groups when their purpose was suited — from Greeks to Assyrians to Kurds. The Serbs tried to justify their actions to the West (during the Yugoslavian break-up) as referring to the Bosnians as "Turks." (Translation: the Turks deserve whatever they get, since everyone knows they are less-than-human.)


Here We Go:

How Europe Conquered the World, from Hendrik Willem van Loon's "The Story of Mankind"


The above was illustrated by Euro-centric historian Hendrik Willem van Loon, in his "The Story of Mankind" (1921)... a book where the Turks get the typical short shrift, with their main talent being for bloodletting. Only European civilization matters, and note how the Dutch-American bragged about it. In 1421, European influence was contained only within European borders. By 1921, Europe took over the world.

Let's examine the white spaces that remained free of European conquest. To the right, China had been mostly "conquered" as well at one time, before the Boxer Rebellion. Japan would be conquered a quarter-century later. There are parts of Southeast Asia that remain unconquered, like Vietnam.

The only nation (aside from Iran, also looked upon as a Western nogoodnik) that was a world power still free of Europe's clutches is the nation of the Turks. Beaten by Europeans, the Turks managed to kick them all out after WWI, when European imperialists were set to divide all of Turkey between themselves. It is this impertinence of the Turks that contribute to the significant prejudice and racism felt against them, to this day.


Another examination of the Turks' unpopularity may be found in this Wall Street Journal Europe report.

"...[W]hy does the left hate Turkey? Because Turkey flouts the rules. Not international law, to be sure—last time we looked countries still had a right to defend themselves against attack, and to try people responsible for murdering thousands of their citizens. Rather, Turkey flouts the kind of politically correct principles the left would like to establish as the norms of international behavior."