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Corrupt US Congressmen Propose Sanctions Against Azerbaijan

Published: 10-09-2017

US Congressmen, Christopher Smith, from the Republican party, and democrat Jim Mcgovern have put forward a bill, proposing sanctions against Azerbaijan's state officials.
They called on the US government to apply the provisions of the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act for the alleged problems in the sphere of human rights in our country. This bill does not refer to other South Caucasus countries.

This development was enthusiastically greeted by Armenian media. Thus, says ‘the rope sling around Azerbaijan is tightening: missing this opportunity would be a great failure for Armenia’, while Armenia-funded Regnum agency even published the article titled ‘The clouds are piling up over Azerbaijan’

Azerbaijani MP Rasim Musabayov doubts that the bill will be passed in the US Congress.

“This initiative is aimed at intimidating Azerbaijan, that’s all,” he said.

The MP did not exclude that the Armenian lobby is behind this initiative.

 “It is seemingly the initiative of Armenian lobbyists, that constitute nearly a hundred in the Congress alone. Taking into account America’s geopolitical interests, the transit to Afghanistan, our geographical position between Russia and Iran, as well as the specific interests of the US energy companies, I think that these congressmen won’t be able to push that bill further,” he said. has decided to investigate the case and the reason why Chris Smith and Jim McGovern are so much concerned about the protection of human rights in a country that they can hardly find on the map of the world. 

The result of the investigation was not surprising. The information was drawn from the independent noncommercial information system, created by former US presidents Ford and Carter.

This system contains the electoral statistics, information about the financial sources of campaigns, information about candidates and other data.

Thus, in order to check the link between these congressmen and Armenians, typed the names of the congressmen and key word ‘Armenia’ in the search field on A glimpse on the search result allows figuring out who this congressman is and whose interests he represents.

The statements in support of the so-called ‘Armenian genocide’, condemnations in Turkey’s address, etc. searched his name on the website of the Armenian National Committee of America –
The information provided on the website makes it clear that the Armenian diaspora of the United States strongly hails the activity of Congressman Christopher Smith.

 His signature, along with the signatures of other corrupt congressmen, as Frank Pallone, Jackie Speier, David Trott and David Valadao, as well as Adam Schiff and Gus Bilirakis, can be seen under the letter to President Donald Trump, urging the latter to recognize the so-called ‘Armenian genocide’. also found the congressman’s name among the candidates backed by Armenian diaspora organizations during the election campaign, which referred to the fact of his support for the so-called ‘Armenian genocide’.
Another proof of his corruptness is an image, featuring the chairman of ANCA-ER Armenian organization Steve Mesrobyan  and Christopher Smith discussing the alleged attack of Erdogan’s guard against ‘peaceful’ demonstrators in Washington.

Similar evidences can be easily found referring to another zealous ‘protector of human rights’ in Azerbaijan Jim McGovern. 

 His name was also found in the list of congressmen that urged to render financial assistance to the separatist regime in Nagorno Karabakh.

It all proves whose interests the ‘human rights activists’ actually protect and why they work so hard against Azerbaijan.

Do the politicians have the right to speak against Azerbaijan considering the fact that they have devoted a greater part of their conscious life to protecting the interests of Armenians who are responsible for the genocide of civilian Azerbaijanis in Khojaly?

What do they know about our country? Can they answer three simple questions: Where is Azerbaijan situated? What is the capital of Azerbaijan? And which religion is practiced among the majority of its population?

The answers are obvious.