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US Political Analyst: Armenian Government - Threat to Whole World

Published: 11-28-2017

The Armenian government is a threat to the whole world, US political analyst Peter Tase said.

Tase made the remarks at an international conference entitled "Azerbaijan’s multiculturalism model: ethno-cultural diversity" in Baku Nov. 28.

“The Azerbaijani people suffered a lot due to Armenia’s actions,” Tase said, adding that Armenia destroyed Azerbaijan’s ethnocultural heritage and caused great harm to the country's environment.

Unfortunately, Azerbaijan is neighbors with Armenia, which has a terrorist government, he said.

“Proceeding from my investigation, I can say that the Armenian government is a threat to Europe, the whole world," Tase said.

“Unfortunately, the EU, the US, the world main forces remain silent at the violence against humanity committed by Armenia against the Azerbaijani people,” he said. “I call on the world community to pay attention to the crimes committed against humanity by the Armenian fascist regime.”

By Elchin Mehdiyev - Trend.Az