Anniversary Of Armenian Occupation Of Azerbaijan's Lachin


20 years have passed since the occupation of Lachin Region of Azerbaijan by the Armenian armed forces.

Armenian army seized Lachin region on May 18, 1992 and de-facto united Nagorno Karabakh with Armenia.

The town of Lachin, one settlement and 120 villages of the region were occupied by the enemy. 264 Azerbaijani soldiers and civilians became martyrs and 63 were taken hostage during the occupation. 103 people were wounded and became invalid. 18 Azerbaijani children were killed and 225 were wounded.

31 children lost their both parents. 64 000 Azerbaijanis became the internally displaced persons. Armenians destroyed 133 large and mid-size industrial and agricultural enterprises, 20 health centers and 217 cultural facilities, nearly 40 cultural and historical monuments.

The region covers 1835 square km and its historic and cultural monuments were looted or misappropriated by the Armenians. The occupation of Lachin caused serious damage on Azerbaijan’s economy. The enemy destroyed light industrial enterprises and agricultural fields there.


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