“Armenia Should Not Push The Region To A New War”


Though Azerbaijan repeatedly took peaceful steps in relation to Armenia, Armenian side always reduced these efforts to zero.

The statement came from head of the committee for legal policy and state construction of Milli Majlis Ali Huseynli.

He said the Azerbaijani representatives repeatedly took part in the international events in Armenia.

“Azerbaijan has repeatedly  hosted Armenians and ensured their security, the journalists of the two countries met recently and the meetings of intellectuals were also held. That is Azerbaijan was always striving for peace what you cannot say about Armenia. We never violated ceasefire, our soldiers only responded to Armenian provocations. And the recent steps on the front line prove again that Armenia is not ready for peace and all its steps aim to frustrate the negotiations.

Therefore, it is too difficult to speak about peace in Azerbaijan after our soldiers’ death. Armenia has to think over its steps and not push the region to a new war”, Huseynli said.


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