'Armenian Authorities Committed Terrorist Actions'


Festival of Azerbaijani Films in Vanadzor is delayed.

The Caucasian Centre for Peace Initiatives (Chairman - George Vanyan) made another statement about the events related to the protests and provocations against the planned show of Azerbaijani films in Armenia

The document spread by the centre notes that since 2009, public screenings of Azerbaijani films in Armenia have been consistently blocked.

Various instances abuse powers to put pressure on owners of the premises designed for cinema experience.

Campaign of intimidation, abuse, slander and misinformation around the Festival "Stop" sharply intensified with the use of media as well as provocateurs, directly communicating with the public.

Public events of "popular anger" were organized. Under the guise of such events, the authorities of Gyumri and Shirak committed a terrorist actions involving their subdue city and regional police officers.

Law enforcement agencies of Armenia are inactive.

We have all grounds to state that human rights organizations operating in Armenia did not give a legal assessment to the facts of law offense at the "Asparez" club and on the surrounding area on 12 April, and will not take any measures to protect citizens' rights to privacy, the free movement and freedom of assembly while watching films of the festival in the city of Vanadzor.

The center informed the audience that the festival of Azerbaijani Films in Vanadzor is delayed to prevent prepared actions of national mobilization and nation-wide exercise scheduled for 16 and 17 April.


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