'Armenian Leadership Responsible For Situation In The Region'


Armenian leadership is fully responsible for the situation in the region, particularly, on the front.

The statement came from spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Elman Abdullayev.

'The aggressor country Armenia holds 20% of Azerbaijani lands under occupation. This occupation was held against the backdrop of ethnic cleansing as a result of which crimes against civilians were committed and now over a million of refugees and displaced persons are unable to return homes', he said.

According to Abdullayev, Armenian leadership is trying to justify its crimes and mislead the world community through provocations and impudent statements.

'Azerbaijan won’t allow it, it will also attain the punishment for those who are responsible for the crimes against humanity. It is already a high time when the world community must call the things with their names and urge Armenia to respect the international law, documents and resolutions adopted by international organizations', the spokesman said.

According to Abdullayev, the fact that the region is deprived of the opportunity for full-pledged development due to the destructive policy of the Armenian leadership and full ignoring of the international law, must receive the assessment of the world community.

'The boastful ‘confessions’ of Armenian leaders of committing ethnic cleansing, terminating civilians, as well as nationalistic statements about ethnic incompatibility of Azerbaijanis and Armenians pursue the only goal to harm the future flourishing in the region and cooperation there', Elman Abdullayev said.


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