Georgian MP: It’s Blasphemous To Speak Of "Armenian Genocide" When They Killed 60,000 Azerbaijanis


Majoritarian MP of Marneuli region of Georgia, Azer Suleymanov, considers his colleague Jondi Baghaturia mouthpiece "of the Armenians" in Georgia. Jondi Baghaturia is actually an Armenian Jondi Bagaturian, Suleymanov told reporters on Tuesday after the incident in parliament.

"Our Armenian counterpart, Mr. Jondi Bagaturyan reserves his own Armenian opinion," Suleymanov said.

He stressed that talks about the "Armenian genocide" in Turkey at the time when genocide of Azerbaijanis in Khojaly was committed, are blasphemous. "This is a complete misunderstanding of history and facts," Suleymanov said.

The deputy asked what kind of genocide is in question, when in 1918 in different regions of Azerbaijan, Armenian bandits killed more than 60,000 Azerbaijanis.

The standoff between deputies came after Jondi Baghaturia called a crime to recognise genocide of Circassians and made a statement of claim by the Armenian Diaspora to recognise the "Armenian genocide".

MP Azer Suleymanov threw at Baghaturia an object and wanted to throw a glass, but he was prevented by mandatory police. Baghaturia, in turn, threw the object at Suleymanov.

Later, the majority of the deputies said that the statements made by Baghaturia lead to confrontation between ethnic minorities, and they should be prevented.


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