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Russia launches a new, more active military policy on his South Caucasus partner-Azerbaijan.

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Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports that the source in the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed Moscow’s readiness to sell two divisions of S-300 PMU-2 Favorit anti-missile complexes. The amount of the possible contract is at least $300m. Other facts also confirm the possible deals.

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According to sources in the Russian defense ministry, Azerbaijani military students have been studying at the military academy of Airspace Defense in Tver also studying anti-missile S-300. The source considers that Rosoboronexport did it right to dismiss statements about the sale of Favorits to Baku. “This deal is just being negotiated but the government has already passed a principal decision on this issue”.

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Chief of the Russian presidential administration Sergey Narishkin arrived in Baku yesterday. According to Azerbaijani sources, during the meetings he will discuss preparation for the upcoming September official visit of President Dmitri Medvedev to Azerbaijan. It is not specified whether the sides will the contract for purchase of S-300 PMU-2.

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According to general-lieutenant Yuri Netkachev, who was once deputy command of the Group of Russian Troops in South Caucasus, formally there are no obstacles for the sale of new modern missile defense systems to Azerbaijan. He said the amount of the possible contract ($300m, almost 15% of Azerbaijan’s defense budget) for two divisions of Favorits proves that they will be supplied directly from the plant: “It will likely be the complexes which we prepared for supplies to Iran”.

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Favorit is a targeted weapon for protection from possible airspace attack against big strategic and industrial establishments.

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Therefore, Russian complexes will locate in Absheron peninsula and likely protect oil terminals of the BTC pipeline and Baku itself”, Netkachev believes. He considers that the purchase of S-300 is just related to possible resumption of hostilities against Armenia.  

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