So Called Armenian Genocide
US To Never Give Up Turkey For Sake Of Armenian Diaspora

Rufiz Hafizoglu – Trend: The US will never give

Karabakh Conflict
BBC: Syrian Armenians Being Settled in Nagorno-Karabakh

BBC reporter Reda El Mawy has prepared reportage o

Khojaly Massacre
Int’l Tribunal Needed On Khojaly Genocide, Moldovan Ombudsman Says

Anakhanum Khidayatova – Trend: It is needed to

Turkey Armenia Relations
Armenia Should Hear Call Of Turkey – Gul

Rufiz Hafizoglu – Trend: Armenia should hear th

Legend About Fabricated "Armenian Genocide"

Rufiz Hafizoglu – Trend: To use the "loyal nati

West Ignores Massacres Against Muslims

In 1995 book, "Death and Exile: The Ethnic Cleansi

Washington Rallies Urge Turkey, Armenia Reconcilement


Armenian Turkish Conflict - The Events of 1915 – Defining Genocide


Ermeni karşıtı gösteri Washington DC, 02.24.2009

"The Whole Story Should Be Told Objectively"

AGHET Propaganda, Movie Subtitles Replied

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